Interview with Sharon Wilharm

Thanks to National Association of Film Critics for the great interview. We got to talk about my filmmaking background, my directing style, our experience with AMC Independent, and more.

National Association of Film Critics

What inspired you to get into filmmaking?

I never intended to be a filmmaker. I was a bookworm and never even really watched movies. But my husband had a broadcast communications degree and ten years into our marriage decided he was going to make a documentary about the history of the small town we’d moved to. Somehow that documentary morphed into a narrative feature with me writing the script, directing it, and starring in it. I had no clue what I was doing and hated it. But ten years later, he convinced me to do another movie. We ended up doing seven movies, and at some point, I decided if this was what God had us doing, the least I could do was to learn how to become a better screenwriter and filmmaker.

What filmmakers would you say were your greatest sources of inspiration and who had the greatest influence…

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On December 8, 1990 a communications major with a desire to make movies married a schoolteacher with a passion for writing and directing drama. A decade later, we combined our unique talents and produced our first Mainstreet Productions feature film. Our motion pictures have screened in theaters across the country, aired on countless television networks…

When God Exceeds Our Expectations

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Providence Theatrical Release – Coming Soon!

In less than a week Providence will be releasing to AMC theaters in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tulsa, Destin, and Jacksonville. It doesn't seem possible that our little silent movie love story is getting a real theatrical release. Who would have imagined? Certainly not us. I remember when we were working on post…

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