Film Festival Advice From a Filmmaker’s Perspective

In the years that we've participated in film festivals, we've watched as many events have come and gone by the wayside. It's exciting to see new festivals pop up, but I worry that they won't be able to sustain themselves over the long haul. So it was exciting when Mark Den Blyker, director of Hollywood Divine…

Acting Tips From Award Winning Actors

I am always practicing, always rehearsing, always observing - whether I'm actively working on a role or not. I study the work of actors I admire and try to figure out and emulate how they make the magic, how they create the illusion that they're not just playing a part or reading lines, but actually make me believe they are the characters they are portraying.

The Making of “Pawn’s Move”

First, introduce yourself and the role you played in Pawn's Move. My name is Caleb Vetter and I produced and directed the film Pawn's Move. What is your filmmaking background? I really haven't had any formal training. My love for film can be traced back to when I was 5 or 6 jumping up in…

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