• Bathsheba Wife of Uriah Then David

    Bathsheba Wife of Uriah Then David

    Though Bathsheba was married to Uriah, David took her as his own. Have you ever done something you were ashamed of? How did you respond afterwards? Did you openly admit your sin or did you try to pretend it never happened? Were others impacted by your actions? Bathsheba was a woman caught in a scandalous… Read more

  • Abigail in the Bible

    Abigail in the Bible

    We meet Abigail in the Bible in 1 Samuel 25 when she was married to Nabal, a wicked man. When God rescued her, she became David’s wife. Have you ever thought to yourself if only you were rich and beautiful, all your problems would disappear? Have you ever been envious of another woman for her… Read more

  • Michal Daughter of Saul

    Michal Daughter of Saul

    Michal, the youngest daughter of Saul, fell in love with David, but didn’t love David’s God. As a young girl did you dream of being a princess? Did you read fairy tales and think if you could only marry your Prince Charming, everything would be perfect? Or maybe now, do you watch Hallmark movies, especially… Read more

  • Jochebed Mother of Moses

    Jochebed Mother of Moses

    The story of Moses is a beautiful example of adoption and the role that both the birth mom and adopted mom play in the life of their child. We all know the story of how Jochebed, the mother of Moses, created a basket and carefully places her baby boy in it to save his life… Read more