Striving to be Light in a Dark Industry – Model/Actress Jeannie Garcia

Jeannie Garcia, Christian actress, Faith Flix interview

I'm often approached by parents of children and teens worried because their children are wanting to break into the entertainment industry. The parents wonder if it's possible to maintain Christian values while working in a very secular industry. I guide them as best as I can, but now I'm excited to be able to share…

Terri Minton – Actress

I'm Not Ashamed has strongly impacted my life spiritually. I was not expecting to have such a reaction to Rachel's story, but I did. The biggest thing spiritually that I take away from being a part of the movie is a deeper conviction of my faith. To decide that I will stand up for God... even if I stand alone.

Kelly Greyson – Actress

This weekend moviegoers in select cities across the country will have the opportunity to screen Alone Yet Not Alone, a powerful new movie based on a true story from the French and Indian War. Actress Kelly Greyson plays Barbara, the lead character in the movie.  When did you first develop an interest in acting?  I…

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