Regional Movie Ministries – With Founder Rich Gerberding

I'm not sure how I first became aware of Regional Movie Ministries, but at some point I started following them on facebook even though I wasn't sure exactly who they were or what they did. I knew that they were promoting indie faith films and that was all I needed to know. Then I got…

God’s Not Dead – Movie Review and Recommendation

When God's Not Dead first came out, I was offered the opportunity to attend an early screening, only I wasn't able to go. So I sent my daughter and her husband in my place. They loved it, which wasn't surprising since they're young, he's a minister, and they're both passionate about standing up for their…

NRB Convention Interview With David A.R. White

With all the excitement over God's Not Dead, it was great to be able to get in an interview with David A.R. White. He shares about his character, the story, and his vision for the movie.

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