Movies for Women’s Ministry Movie Nights

It seems the women's ministry thing to do this time of year is to host a movie night. It makes perfect sense. The weather's yucky. Everyone's stuck inside. And movie nights are a fun way to get together with the girls. The problem comes when you try to find a movie to watch. So many…

Heaven Bound – Movie Review

Christian comedy is a risky endeavor. So often, the comedy either falls flat, or it leans towards the sacrilegious. Heaven Bound joins the ranks of the select few which are spiritually sound yet wildly hilarious. Heaven Bound is the story of Ted and Josie, a picture perfect couple. Ted is a successful dog food marketer…

Terri Minton – Actress

I'm Not Ashamed has strongly impacted my life spiritually. I was not expecting to have such a reaction to Rachel's story, but I did. The biggest thing spiritually that I take away from being a part of the movie is a deeper conviction of my faith. To decide that I will stand up for God... even if I stand alone.

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