Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Two

Behind the scenes hippies filming Summer of '67 movie

Each filming day is different. Some are simple with one location, a handful of actors, and basic blocking. Other days, well, not so simple. This week was a series of not so simple days, each with their own challenge. Our schedule for the first day this week included an outdoor graduation scene, a church scene, and…

Summer of ’67 – The Filming Begins

Bethany Davenport and Jennifer Whitus Behind the scenes filming Summer of '67 movie

I've been off the grid a bit as we've been immersed in pre-production craziness. But today was Day One of filming and it was such a wonderful experience, I can't wait to give you a glimpse into our day.

Winners Announced for Faith Flix Favorites 2013

We've had an exciting first year of Faith Flix. 152 posts covered both well known and unknown individuals in the industry as well as movies, festivals, events, companies, and anything else related to independent faith-based films. Now it's time to recognize those who had the biggest response. The winners of Faith Flix Favorites are those…

Jennifer Whitus – Makeup Artist

What led you to a career in film make up? I grew tired of working retail, and finally quit to start my freelancing career. It is a lot of online presence, and trying to get your name out there. There is so much competition, you have to stand out from the crowd, and referrals are…

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