Film Festival Advice From a Filmmaker’s Perspective

In the years that we've participated in film festivals, we've watched as many events have come and gone by the wayside. It's exciting to see new festivals pop up, but I worry that they won't be able to sustain themselves over the long haul. So it was exciting when Mark Den Blyker, director of Hollywood Divine…

Bottled Up – With Writer/Director Sam Juergens

Filming on the Great Lakes was an incredible experience and we saw some of the prettiest blue sky one day and encountered the thickest fog I’ve ever seen, but it was also the most frustrating film set I’ve ever been on. One second the water was like glass, with no waves, and then a minute later, we would have 10 mph winds with white caps.

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

Filmmakers often ask me about various film festivals, whether or not they should enter and whether or not they should attend.  After this weekend I can now tell people wholeheartedly that Kindgomwood is not only a good festival to enter, but a great one to attend. The festivities began on Thursday but we didn't arrive…

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