• Shelomith and Her Blasphemous Son

    Shelomith and Her Blasphemous Son

    Tucked away among the Leviticus laws is a story that illustrates the penalty for blasphemy. In Leviticus 24:10 we’re introduced to an Israelite woman who we later learn is named Shelomith. She married an Egyptian, and they had a son. This son got into a fight with an Israelite man and he blasphemed God and… Read more

  • Zipporah, the Midianite Wife of Moses

    Zipporah, the Midianite Wife of Moses

    Moses settled in the land of Midian and married Zipporah, daughter of the Midianite priest. No mention is made of love on the part of either husband or wife. Moses Meets Daughters of Reul Though Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince, he never forgot his Hebrew heritage. As an adult, Moses saw an Egyptian… Read more

  • Hebrew Women in Egypt

    Hebrew Women in Egypt

    Yesterday we concluded our time in Genesis, and today we move into Exodus. The book opens with a review of how the Hebrews came to Eygpt because of Joseph. It started with Joseph’s brothers and their families, but after their deaths, their descendants multiplied. Exodus 1:7 tells us, “But the people of Israel were fruitful… Read more

  • Asenath, Egyptian Wife of Joseph

    Asenath, Egyptian Wife of Joseph

    Though Joseph spent time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, God had not forgotten him. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, alerting him that Egypt would enjoy seven years of plenty followed by seven years of drought. He advised Pharaoh to gather up grain during the good years and store them as a reserve for… Read more

  • Tamar and Judah

    Tamar and Judah

    Judah found a wife for his son Er. Her name was Tamar. But soon after their marriage, God killed Er due to his wickedness. So as was the custom, Tamar was given to Judah’s second son, Onan, so that he might pass along Er’s line. But Onan had a problem with that. If he had… Read more

  • Judah’s Wife

    Judah’s Wife

    Soon after Judah and his brothers sold Joseph into slavery, Judah left home and visited Hirah, an Adullamite. While there, Judah met a Canaanite woman, the daughter of Shua, and he married her. The Bible gives us no details about the daughter of Shua other than she was a Canaanite, so Judah should not have… Read more

  • Esau’s Wives

    Esau’s Wives

    Genesis 36 gives an account of Esau’s family including his wives Basemath, Adah, and Aholibamath, and his son’s concubine Timna. Adah and Aholibamath were Esau’s first wives who brought grief to his parents. Their names were changed, though, when they married. Mahalath was Esau’s third wife who he married out of spite when he realized… Read more

  • Keturah, Abraham’s Late Life Wife

    Keturah, Abraham’s Late Life Wife

    Genesis 24 ends with Isaac marrying Rebekah and finding comfort after his mother’s death. The next chapter opens with Abraham taking another wife whose name was Keturah. The death of Sarah and the marriage of Isaac left Abraham alone and lonely. He longed for companionship and found it in Keturah. Keturah was a younger woman… Read more

  • Milcah, Wife of Nahor

    Milcah, Wife of Nahor

    Milcah was the sister of Lot, wife of Nahor, mother of Bethuel, and grandmother of Rebekah. Though the Bible provides no details about her beyond family relations, it does make a point to mention her numerous times. Milcah is introduced in Genesis 11 as the wife of Nahor and the daughter of Haran, who was… Read more

  • Daughters of Men

    Daughters of Men

    As the population of the world increased, mankind wandered further and further away from the Lord. Genesis 6:2 tells us, “the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.” Verse 4 explains that when the sons of God married daughters… Read more

  • Enoch’s Wife and Her Husband’s Disappearance

    Enoch’s Wife and Her Husband’s Disappearance

    Enoch’s wife was one of a number of unnamed women married to godly men. Lamech was the seventh generation from Adam on Cain’s side. On Seth’s side, Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. Lamech, a polygamist and murderer, showed the deterioration of morals in the ungodly line. Enoch, on the other hand, was so… Read more

  • Zillah, 2nd Wife of Lamech

    Zillah, 2nd Wife of Lamech

    Zillah married a man who already had a wife. His name was Lamech. It was the first recorded account of polygamy. The name Lamech means powerful. Zillah means shady or shadows. Did she provide comfort like a cool shade on a hot summer day, or did she lurk in the shadows or dark places? Perhaps… Read more

  • Adah, Wife of Lamech

    Adah, Wife of Lamech

    In the seventh generation from Adam, Lamech, a descendant of Cain, married two wives. His first wife was Adah. The second wife was Zillah. This is the first recorded example of polygamy. Way·yiq·qaḥ, the word used for married in this example, means to “take for himself”. Apparently, Lamech thought that while one wife was good… Read more

  • Cain’s Wife

    Cain’s Wife

    In a fit of jealous rage, Cain killed his brother. When confronted by God, he tried to deny it. When cursed by God, he complained that the punishment of being a fugitive and a vagabond was too great. So God placed a mark on Cain to warn others not to kill him. We’re told in… Read more

  • Priscilla and Aquila: Learning From Their Love Story

    Priscilla and Aquila: Learning From Their Love Story

    Whenever mentioned in the Bible, Priscilla and Aquila are always listed together. worked and served together as a couple and a team. From the beginning, God designed marriage to be two individuals joining together as one. Man and wife should be stronger and better as a team than as two individuals alone. We see this… Read more

  • Mary Mother of Jesus

    Mary Mother of Jesus

    What was it about Mary mother of Jesus that set her apart from other women of her time? Do you ever compare yourself to other moms? Do you assume that everyone else has it together and knows what they’re doing while you’re stumbling around in the dark? If so, you can find great comfort in… Read more

  • Ezekiel’s Wife

    Ezekiel’s Wife

    No mention of Ezekiel’s wife is made until Ezekiel 24:15, and that’s when God tells Ezekiel that his wife is about to die.  Has God ever asked you to do anything that didn’t make sense to you? How did you respond? Did you go with your natural inclination or trust God’s wisdom? The Bible only… Read more

  • Job’s Wife: Villain or Victim?

    Job’s Wife: Villain or Victim?

    In today’s episode of All God’s Women, we look at Job’s wife, a woman like Zeresh, who gave bad advice to her husband, but we have no evidence that she ever turned from her foolish thinking. Read more

  • Zeresh: A Bad Advice Wife

    Zeresh: A Bad Advice Wife

    Zeresh was the misguided wife of Haman, prime minister during King Ahasuerus’s reign. Have you ever given bad advice? And as soon as you gave it, you began to regret it, but it was too late and everyone else was already on board?  Zeresh, our final woman in the Women of Esther series. Zeresh gave… Read more

  • Queen Esther in the Bible

    Queen Esther in the Bible

    Esther was a young Jewish girl chosen by King Ahasuerus to be his queen after he banished Vashti. Have you ever questioned God’s judgement? Why has He allowed you to go through so much? What if God is putting you right where you need to be in order to do a mighty work through you? … Read more

  • Queen Vashti

    Queen Vashti

    Queen Vashti was the original wife of King Ahasuerus. Submission, what does it mean to you? Do you always submit to your husband or to those in authority? Why might you not submit to them? In today’s episode of All God’s Woman, we look at Queen Vashti, a woman who openly defied her husband, and… Read more