Acting Tips From Award Winning Actors

I am always practicing, always rehearsing, always observing - whether I'm actively working on a role or not. I study the work of actors I admire and try to figure out and emulate how they make the magic, how they create the illusion that they're not just playing a part or reading lines, but actually make me believe they are the characters they are portraying.

Tiffany Jordan – Teen Actress and Model

When did you first discover acting?I first started acting in church and youth programs when I was about 5 years old doing plays and Biblical drama skits. I also started performing with our church youth group involving interpretive movement/dance. At the same time, our church opened up for puppeteers in which we acted out performances…

71-Year-Old Rookie Actress Nominated For Top Award at International Film Festival

Last year Patricia Binkley’s biggest activity was deciding which songs her children’s choir would sing. This year her schedule is filled with movie screenings, speaking engagements, and autograph signings. As the star of “Flowers for Fannie”, Mrs. Binkley is finding herself a celebrity in her local community of Springfield, TN. Now, her fame is spreading.…

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