Movies for Women’s Ministry Movie Nights

It seems the women's ministry thing to do this time of year is to host a movie night. It makes perfect sense. The weather's yucky. Everyone's stuck inside. And movie nights are a fun way to get together with the girls. The problem comes when you try to find a movie to watch. So many…

James Bond III Film Festivals – Christian Edition

This weekend we had the privilege of being a part of the James Bond III Film Festivals - Christian Edition in Springfield, Kentucky. It's the first of a series of film festivals that will take place in Springfield throughout the year. In March will be the TV & New Media Edition, in July is Hollywood…

Summer of ’67 Takes Nashville By Storm

Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 in Nashville Summer of '67 red carpet premiere

Wow! I am overwhelmed by the response we've had so far to our Summer of '67 theatrical release this weekend. We poured ourselves into this project, giving it everything we had to give, but not sure how the world would receive it. We hoped people would like it. We hoped they'd come see it. We…

Mid Tenn Film Fest 2018

Through the years we've been a part of many film festivals. In addition, I follow as many festivals as I can, checking out their process from initial requests for submissions to the post festival coverage. After awhile, they start to blend in. However, a few stand out from the crowd. Mid Tenn Film Fest is…

A Story Behind the Story

Praying on set of Summer of '67

We started praying for Summer of '67 last summer while we were still in the early stages of scriptwriting. In August we created a Facebook prayer group of a hundred individuals specifically praying for the movie.  At the time, we had no idea how vital the group would prove to be. Casting is one of…

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Two

Behind the scenes hippies filming Summer of '67 movie

Each filming day is different. Some are simple with one location, a handful of actors, and basic blocking. Other days, well, not so simple. This week was a series of not so simple days, each with their own challenge. Our schedule for the first day this week included an outdoor graduation scene, a church scene, and…

Summer of ’67 Filming Day Two

Actors Rachel Schrey and Cameron Gilliam pose between takes in front of The Catfish House in Springfield Tennessee

Our second day of filming was a light day with just three fun scenes - a restaurant scene (complete with accordion player) and two phone call scenes. We're thankful for The Catfish House and the City of Springfield, Tennessee for allowing us to film in their perfect locations.

Summer of ’67 – The Filming Begins

Bethany Davenport and Jennifer Whitus Behind the scenes filming Summer of '67 movie

I've been off the grid a bit as we've been immersed in pre-production craziness. But today was Day One of filming and it was such a wonderful experience, I can't wait to give you a glimpse into our day.

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