Summer of ’67 Takes Nashville By Storm

Regal Hollywood Stadium 27 in Nashville Summer of '67 red carpet premiere

Wow! I am overwhelmed by the response we've had so far to our Summer of '67 theatrical release this weekend. We poured ourselves into this project, giving it everything we had to give, but not sure how the world would receive it. We hoped people would like it. We hoped they'd come see it. We…

Mid Tenn Film Fest 2018

Through the years we've been a part of many film festivals. In addition, I follow as many festivals as I can, checking out their process from initial requests for submissions to the post festival coverage. After awhile, they start to blend in. However, a few stand out from the crowd. Mid Tenn Film Fest is…

Getting Grace – With Writer/Director/Actor Daniel Roebuck

Daniel Roebuck, Sharon Wilharm, and Fred Wilharm at NRB convention

Daniel Roebuck is one of Hollywood's most familiar faces. Through the years I've watched him on many of my favorite classic tv shows like Matlock, Lois and Clark, Love Boat, King of Queens, Early Edition, Nash Bridges... The list goes on and on.  Now I can't wait to watch him on the big screen. Daniel…

Terri Minton – Actress

I'm Not Ashamed has strongly impacted my life spiritually. I was not expecting to have such a reaction to Rachel's story, but I did. The biggest thing spiritually that I take away from being a part of the movie is a deeper conviction of my faith. To decide that I will stand up for God... even if I stand alone.

Providence Movie Red Carpet Premiere

Providence Red Carpet Premiere at historic Frankiln Theatre

One of the highlights for a filmmaker is that moment when people see your film for the first time. All those many hours of work are put to the test as you anxiously wait to find out the audience reaction to your baby. Will they catch the humor? Will they feel the emotion? Will they…

How to Host a Red Carpet Movie Premiere

How to host a red carpet movie event, indie filmmakers, film event

Red Carpet Premiere. It sounds so glamorous and exciting, something that most people only read about and never actually attend. But then I started noticing smaller filmmakers hosting red carpet events and I decided if they could do it, so could we. So at the completion of Flowers for Fannie, we decided to make our…

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