Reaching the Lost in Los Angeles – With Trey and Ariel Fernald of Eastern Sky Theatre

Several years ago at the Truth Awards, The Last Appeal movie swept the awards ceremony. It was the first I'd heard of it, but I found the lead actress mesmerizing as she accepted one award after another. Soon after, I got to watch the film at the GloryReelz Christian Film Festival, and I was able to…

Faith Flix Favorites 2016

Faith Flix Favorites 2016

As we wind down another year at Faith Flix we celebrate those articles that have received the highest traffic. Congratulations to these top ten filmmakers and movies!   #1 - Rebecca Huey - Actress #2 - A. Michelle Harleston - Actress #3 - Jefferson Moore - Actor, Writer, Director, Producer #4 - Wish For Christmas…

The Last Appeal – Review and Highest Recommendation

The intensely harsh lighting, the artistically shot framing, the realistically diverse casting, the brilliantly sharp dialogue, it all works together to share the message of God's love for us in a uniquely personal way.

Aletheia Truth Awards

Aletheia Fellowship of the Arts Truth Awards

This weekend filmmakers from around the country gathered for the Aletheia Fellowship of the Arts Truth Awards. This was the second year for the event and we were among several filmmakers from last year returning with our latest films. Run by Daryl Hall of MissionWorx Films, The Truth Awards is not a festival but instead an…

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