Summer of ’67 Military Memories

Summer of '67 is a Vietnam War love story based on real events. My dad was aboard the USS Forrestal when it caught fire on July 29, 1967. Growing up, I heard the stories and wondered what it must have been like for those sweethearts, wives, and moms as they watched the news but had…

How to Add Authenticity to Your Period Film

Summer of '67 behind the scenes filming, actors Cameron Gilliam, Rachel Schrey

I love period films! They take us back in time, reminding us of our personal past or introducing us to worlds we've never experienced. Period films can connect with audiences in a way that contemporary movies can't. As a filmmaker, I love the challenge of trying to recreate the past in such a way that…

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week 4

Behind the scenes filming Summer of '67 movie

Wow! What a week we've had with a wedding, family dinner, baby shower, two funerals, and a few other scenes thrown in for good measure. The week began on Sunday afternoon with a quick  Vietnam  scene (shot in a bamboo patch in Cedar Hill, Tennessee) Wednesday was a wedding and a family dinner. Thursday was…

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Three

Bethany Davenport and Christopher Dalton in Summer of '67 movie

After a short breather, we kicked off week three with a Kate day (Bethany Davenport). We started with her and Van (Sam Brooks) at the Pleasant View Village Diner in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Actors poured in from Missouri and across Tennessee to participate in this powerful scene. We continued to Cedar Hill, Tennessee for her…

Summer of ’67 – Filming Week Two

Behind the scenes hippies filming Summer of '67 movie

Each filming day is different. Some are simple with one location, a handful of actors, and basic blocking. Other days, well, not so simple. This week was a series of not so simple days, each with their own challenge. Our schedule for the first day this week included an outdoor graduation scene, a church scene, and…

Summer of ’67 Filming Day Three

Behind the scenes filming Summer of '67 movie

There are days when everything falls into place and filming goes flawlessly. Day three was not one of those days. If it could go wrong, it did, but through it all, our cast and crew had great attitudes and we found ways to laugh through the storms.

Summer of ’67 Filming Day Two

Actors Rachel Schrey and Cameron Gilliam pose between takes in front of The Catfish House in Springfield Tennessee

Our second day of filming was a light day with just three fun scenes - a restaurant scene (complete with accordion player) and two phone call scenes. We're thankful for The Catfish House and the City of Springfield, Tennessee for allowing us to film in their perfect locations.

Casting, Costumes, Cars, and More – Summer of ’67

VW Bus

Filmmaking is like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. You begin by watching from a distance and wondering if you're brave enough to do it yourself. Then, once you work up your courage, you hop aboard, wait for others to join you, buckle up, then brace yourself as you climb to the heavens…

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