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Tamar’s Tragic Ending

As soon as Amnon had his way with Tamar, he sent her away. She pleaded with him, explaining that sending her away was worse than what he’d already done, but he didn’t care. He called his servant to kick Tamar out of the house and bolt the door behind her. 

Tamar entered the house in a royal garment that the king’s virgin daughters wore, but when the servants kicked her out, she put ashes on her head and tore up that beautiful robe, weeping bitterly. 

When Absolom, her brother heard what happened, he told her to keep quiet and not take it to heart since Amnon was her brother. But inwardly, he seethed. He hated Amnon and refused to speak to him because of what he’d done.

When David heard what happened, he was angry, but did nothing.

And poor Tamar remained desolate in her brother Absolom’s house. 

Although she retained the status of princess, her marriage prospects were gone. As the daughter of the king, she lived in a glass castle. Everyone knew what happened to her. The shame would always be there. Wherever she went people would know. 

So she hid away and spent the rest of her days desolate in her brother’s house. 

But what if, instead of forever mourning her innocence and the life that was stripped away from her, she had mourned for a period and then moved on? What if she’d turned to God, poured out her heart to Him and accepted His cleansing love.

If God can forgive sinners and give them a second chance, He can certainly offer a new life to innocent victims. If only Tamar had run to God instead of hiding in seclusion.

Read about Tamar in Scripture: 2 Samuel 13:15-27

Tamar's tragic ending

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