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Tragic stories of Women in the Bible

The Bible is filled with tragic stories of women in the Bible. We would all love to avoid tragedy if at all possible, but God doesn’t give us a promise of trouble-free living. Sometimes our troubles are brought on my own sins. Othertimes, though, they come through no fault of our own. Each of these Bible women dealt with their own personal tragedies. For some, they were rewarded with happy endings. For others, they had to wait for eternal blessings.

Tamar's tragedy

Tamar the Widow

Judah found a wife for his son Er. Her name was Tamar. But soon after their marriage, God killed Er due to his wickedness. So as was the custom, Tamar was given to Judah’s second son, Onan, so that he … Continue reading Tamar the Widow

Judah's wife

Judah’s Wife

Soon after Judah and his brothers sold Joseph into slavery, Judah left home and visited Hirah, an Adullamite. While there, Judah met a Canaanite woman, the daughter of Shua, and he married her. The Bible gives us no details about … Continue reading Judah’s Wife

Bilhah in the Bible


Bilhah, remember her? We first met Bilhah in Genesis 29:29 when Rachel married Jacob, and Laban gave her Bilhah as her handmaiden. When Leah had son after son, and Rachel remained barren, Rachel first blamed Jacob for her lack of … Continue reading Bilhah

Dinah in the Bible


After Jacob’s family settled in the Canaanite city of Shechem, Leah’s daughter Dinah decided to explore the city. She went on her own into the city to meet other young women, but when Shechem, prince of the country, saw her, … Continue reading Dinah

Lot’s Wife

The Bible provides little information about Lot’s wife. The first mention of her is when the angels came to stay at their house in Sodom and in the early morning, they told Lot to take his wife and daughters out … Continue reading Lot’s Wife

Lot's daughters

Lot’s Daughters

The city of Sodom was so bad that God couldn’t find ten righteous individuals in the entire city, and yet, this is where Lot chose to live and raise his two daughters. Lot had originally pitched his tent in the … Continue reading Lot’s Daughters

Worn out women - Naomi

Worn Out Women: Naomi

It’s been a rough two years, and there’s a good chance you’re feeling exhausted and quite possibly discouraged at the way your life is going. Things haven’t turned out the way you thought they would. You’re not sure where you’re … Continue reading Worn Out Women: Naomi

Job's wife podcast episode of All God's Women

Job’s Wife – A Bitter Woman

In today’s episode of All God’s Women, we look at Job’s wife, a woman like Zeresh, who gave bad advice to her husband, but we have no evidence that she ever turned from her foolish thinking.


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