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Undercover Agents for a King

David’s son Absalom tried to take over the throne, and David went into hiding. Since he needed a way to keep up with what was going on, he had two spies in En-Rogel, but they had to be discreet. The spies enlisted the assistance of a servant girl, referred to as the wench of En-Rogel. She kept an ear to all that was going on and relayed the information to David’s spies, who then passed it on to David. 

This worked for awhile, but then a young boy noticed David’s spies in En-Rogel and told Absalom. Fortunately, the spies managed to escape to the village of Bahurim. They noticed a well in a front yard, so they hid in it. The woman of the house noticed the spies slipping into her well. Realizing the situation, she discreetly went over, covered the the opening with a cloth, then threw dried grain atop the cloth. 

When Absolom’s servants came by and asked if she’d seen the two men. She innocently misdirected them, saying the men may have traveled the way of the brook. Nonetheless, the servants searched the property, and when they didn’t find anything suspicious, they returned to Jerusalem. 

Once it was safe to come out, she removed the cloth and grain, and the messengers went on their way to David. 

Both the wench of En-Rogel and the woman of Behurim were ordinary women going about their daily business, but God used them in an unexpected way as undercover agents for king David and his spies. 

We never know how God is going to use us in the lives of others. What does He have in store for you today?

Read about undercover agents in Scripture: 2 Samuel 17:17-20

Undercover agents for a king Bible story

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