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Woman of Tekoa Succeeds

The woman of Tekoa had the attention of King David. Her story touched his heart and he offered to help her situation. But she wasn’t done yet. She had one last word for him. 

The woman from Tekoa asked the king why he did not allow his own banished son to return home. She reminded him how limited our time is and how important it was to take action before it was too late. 

When she was done presenting her case, David asked her a question. He asked if Joab was behind her presentation. She acknowledged that yes, he had arranged it and told her what to say, but it was up to the king to do the right thing.

The king told Joab to bring Absolom home, but told him that he did not want to see his face. For two years Absolom dwelt in Jerusalem without seeing his father. Eventually, he conned his way into the king’s presence and David forgave Absolom.

As it turned out, the reconciliation was short lived as Absolom went on to revolt against David. But the Tekoa woman performance was never about Absolom. She was there for David. Joab used her to help David see the importance of forgiving his son. Because of the woman of Tekoa, David did the right thing.

t’s interesting how little we’re told about this woman other than that she lived in the town of Tekoa, and she had a reputation as being wise. God used the acting skills of the woman of Tekoa to speak truth and impact the life of God’s chosen king. Though Scripture doesn’t include her name, her works live on for eternity.

Read about the woman of Tekoa in Scripture: 2 Samuel 14:1-21.

woman of Tekoa succeeds

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2 thoughts on “Woman of Tekoa Succeeds

  1. Hi Ms. Wilharm, I stumbled on your podcast late last night and I’ve read and listened to a few of your posts, the one I have just finished reading and listening to was Tekoa Woman, and I must say I feel truly blessed to have found them. I’m beginning to see areas in my life that I really need to work on. However, I particularly like the clarity of your writing and your voice is so soothing. I definitely will listen and read more of your posts. May God continue to bless your ministry and use you as you help uplift and enrich the lives of women on our spiritual journey.

    1. Josephine, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so glad God led you to my site and that it blessed you. Don’t you love how God directs our paths to exactly what we need?

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