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Woman Who Lost a Coin

Jesus told stories known as parables to illustrate spiritual lessons. Many of those parables featured women such as woman who lost a coin. 

In Luke 15 Jesus tells the story of a woman who had ten silver coins, but then lost one of the coins. He pointed out that the woman would get out a light, sweep the house, and search diligently until she found the coin. 

Once she found her coin, she’d want to celebrate and share the good news with everyone. She’d tell her friends and neighbors that her lost coin was found. 

He concludes by explaining that just as the woman and her friends rejoiced over the found coin, so do the angels of God rejoice when a sinner is saved.

Women of Jesus’ day wore on their foreheads a headress made of coins. It was part of a married woman’s dowry given to them by their father at the time of their marriage. These coins, then, would be more than merely money, but would have great sentimental value attached as well. 

The religious leaders of Jesus’s day didn’t care about the lost coin. They were content with the nine. But Jesus is all about the one. He shared this story so that the people would understand that he values each one of us. He celebrates with each individual who was lost and then found.

May we shine the light of the Lord into the dark world. May we seek out those who are searching and in need of being found. May we celebrate together with the angels of God each time someone is saved. 

Read about the importunate widow: Luke 15:8-10

woman who lost a coin Bible story

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