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Young Miriam

As a young girl, Miriam witnessed Pharaoh’s attempts to kill Hebrew baby boys. She was there when Moses was born and overheard her parents’ conversations, wondering what they would do to save their baby. As a young girl with an active imagination, how Miriam must have worried as she helped rock Moses to sleep, fearful that at any moment soldiers might come and arrest them all for disobeying the law. How overjoyed she must have been when her mother conceived the plan to save Moses.

I can picture Jochebed gently swaddling Moses in a blanket then wrapping her arm around Miriam and praying for safety and deliverance for her son. But though Jochebed put Moses in the river and trusted God to deliver him, Miriam wanted to keep an eye on her little brother to see for herself what would happen.

From her position in the shadows, she watched as the Egyptian princess opened the basket and saw baby Moses. She witnessed the compassion on her face, and knew it was safe to come out.

Acting swiftly and without fear, Miriam addressed Pharaoh’s daughter. She offered to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby. Of course, that woman was Moses’s mother.

This story of Miriam as a young girl gives us a glimpse into who she would become as a woman. Curious, courageous, and quick-thinking, Miriam loved her baby brother and would do anything in her power to protect him.

Though Miriam could have remained in the distance, assured that Moses was going to be protected, because of Miriam’s willingness to boldly address the princess, Moses received a godly heritage from his Hebrew mother.

May God give you the courage to today to step out of the shadows and speak out in faith.

Young Miriam in Scripture: Exodus 2:1-9

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