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One of my first jobs as a teenager was working at TG&Y. I worked at the customer service desk, and one of my tasks was to make in-store announcements. It was one of the least favorite activities among the other employees, but from the moment I first spoke into that microphone and heard my voice coming through the speakers, I was in love. The highlight of my days was making announcements for our dog food sale or the clothing clearance rack or for whatever else the manager deemed important to promote. Before long, I was the only employee doing the commercials, and I became known as “The Voice of TG&Y”.

As much as I loved doing those in-store commercials, it wasn’t a skill that translated into a career for a girl living in small town Florida. In fact, with the exception of a year or so when I served as a volunteer to read to the blind on a public radio station, I’ve not had another opportunity to pursue that passion.

Until now…

I’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts, but I’m not techy and really didn’t understand the world of podcasts. I didn’t know how to find them or listen to them unless someone sent me a direct link. Since all the podcasts I knew of were interview style, I assumed that was the only type of podcast there was.

Then I discovered solo storytelling podcasts, and all the pieces of my past came together. I knew this was something I had to do. I took my love of audio and my passion for Bible women, and created All God’s Women, a brand new storytelling podcast that focuses each week on a different Bible woman. Each episode is under 10 minutes, so they’re a quick listen, but I think I pack a lot of info into those 10 minutes. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy listening to the episodes as much as I’ve enjoyed created them.

All God’s Women is on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Alexa TuneIn, RadioPublic, and Podchaser with more platforms being added in the upcoming weeks.

I’d love for you to check out All God’s Women, and if you like what you hear, take a second to leave a rating or review, so that others will be encouraged to listen as well.

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