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Women of Prayer

Getting to Know God Through the Prayers of Bible Women

Do you struggle with prayer? Do you worry that you’re doing it wrong? Prayer should be the most natural thing in the world, but it’s not. We make it far more complicated than it needs to be, primarily because we don’t understand the character of God and how He works.

In Women of Prayer you get to know God in a more personal manner as you delve into the lives of Bible women who walked and talked with Him. Through their interactions with God, you’ll discover who He is and what it is He wants for you.

Drawing from the stories of ten Bible women, author Sharon Wilharm shows you how to get past a superficial acquaintance with God and develop a deeper relationship with him.

As you study the stories of women of prayer, you’ll discover insight into God’s character, His thoughts, His timing, His methods, and His heart. You’ll get to know God in the most intimate of ways. You won’t have to think about praying. It will come naturally. Whatever you do, you’ll want to talk it over with him. When no one else is there for you‘ll know you can go running into his outstretched arms, and he will comfort you in a way no one else can. You’ll go from being casual contacts to being the best of friends.

  • Develop a better understanding of the character of God.
  • Learn how to study the Bible on your own.
  • Memorize key Scripture passages to guide you in your prayer life.
  • Improve your prayer life as you grow in your spiritual walk with the Lord.


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Women of Prayer

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Women of Prayer

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