Mona Corwin and Sharon Wilharm

Mona Corwin – America’s Mom Mentor

I love meeting new people at NRB Convention each year. And the fun thing is that so often you meet someone new and they immediately introduce you to someone else new. That was the case with Mona Corwin. First, we interviewed Counter Culture Mom, Tina Griffin, then she introduced us to Mona, America's Mom Mentor. … Continue reading Mona Corwin – America’s Mom Mentor

Sue McGray – Christian Women in Media

In December I attended my first meeting of the Nashville Christian Women in Media, and wow! What a great experience it was. I had no idea exactly what to expect, but I was totally unprepared for the overwhelming welcome and warmth of the group. I met authors, tv hosts, ministry leaders, and more. Leading the … Continue reading Sue McGray – Christian Women in Media

A Light on the Hill – Book Review

A Light on the Hill is unlike any book I've read. It's biblical fiction, but with a unique twist. Connilyn Cossette gives us a glimpse into Old Testament times by sharing the story of a young woman kidnapped and branded with the mark of the Canaanite temple gods. After her rescue Moriyah spends the next … Continue reading A Light on the Hill – Book Review

Six Super Silly Sitcoms From the Sixties

If you're searching for sophisticated television viewing, no need to continue reading. However, if you're looking for mindless entertainment that will make you laugh in spite of yourself, you're in luck. The sixties were a great decade for silliness and laugh out loud tv programming, and I'm a big fan of so many sixties shows. … Continue reading Six Super Silly Sitcoms From the Sixties