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Sharon Wilharm

An accomplished storyteller, Sharon draws the audience in with humor, engages them with stories, then ties everything together to bring to light spiritual truths. Her heart’s desire is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord, showing them how to find God’s will for their life through prayer and scripture. 

“God is the Master Storyteller,” says Sharon. “I love helping women see how God is always at work behind the scenes laying the foundation for the glorious future He has in store for us.”

Sharon is a firm believer in the power of prayer and has many stories to share of God working in miraculous ways in her own life as well as those around her. She’s passionate about teaching women how to pray and loves engaging with women in personal prayer. Wherever she goes, she finds herself surrounded by women in need of prayer, and she considers it an honor to pray with women whether they’re friends, family, or complete strangers.

Sharon has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with women of the Bible and loves applying the biblical stories to modern situations. In addition to bringing to life the stories of Bible women, she feels equally passionate about teaching women to study the Bible for themselves, providing guidance to direct them in their studies.  Women of Prayer, her just released Bible study combines her love of Bible women with her passion for prayer. Through Women of Prayer, Sharon uses the stories of women in the Bible to help women get to know God better through personal Bible study.

Whatever the theme of your next retreat or conference, there’s a woman in the Bible whose story goes along with that theme. Sharon loves sharing the ancient stories of Bible women and bringing them to life with applications for modern women. Whether it’s one short session or an entire weekend, she can encourage your ladies with powerful stories and truths as you pour through the pages of the Bible, reviewing familiar stories or discovering new women

Speaking Topics

topics for Christian women's events

  • Worn Out and Weary (Alternate title: The Best is Yet to Come)

    Are you feeling worn out and weary? If so, you can find comfort in the stories of women in the Bible who also faced their own struggles, but found restoration in God's love. In this presentation Sharon takes you on a storytelling journey through the Bible, looking at the lives of Hagar, Naomi, the Prophet's Widow, Job's Wife, Widow of Nain, and Rizpah. "God gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless." Isaiah 40:29

  • Women of Prayer

    What should prayer look like? As we pore over the stories of Bible women, we learn to rejoice in hope like Miriam, remain patient in tribulation like Hannah, persevere in prayer like Huldah, persist in our pleas like the Canaanite woman, marvel in the wonder of God's goodness and grace like Hagar. "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12

  • The Royal Life

    How many of us have dreamed of being a princess? We watch Hallmark movies and read romance novels, wishing we could have the royal happy ever after. But if we look at the princesses and queens in the Bible, it doesn't take long to realize that royal life is not without struggles. Fortunately, God can take even the worst situations and use them for His glory. Let's discover how to make the most of the life that God has given us as Daughters of the King of Kings

  • If the Shoe Fits

    Do you ever feel like a sensible loafer in a high heeled world? Do you long to wear strappy sandals but God has called you to tennis shoe tasks? Do you ever feel like one of the stepsisters trying to squeeze your feet into Cinderella's sandal? In this session about three unnamed Bible women, Sharon helps your group: * Discover the joy that comes from finding God’s will for our lives. * Find comfort in wearing shoes that fit. * Get excited about serving God in unexpected ways.

  • Rock Your World

    Do you feel God calling you to great things, yet you wonder how God could possibly use you with the meager gifts you have to offer Him? Find encouragement as you discover Bible women who found themselves in the right place at the right time. See how they continued serving in little ways so that they were ready when God called them to undertake grand efforts. Find courage as you’re reminded of God’s amazing power and strength. * Includes Rahab, Woman of Abel, Woman of Bahurim, Jehosheba, Mephibosheth's Nurse, and Zelophehad's Daughters

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries! I love the challenge of creating original sessions based on women of the Bible. Whatever your theme or topic, I can always find a grouping of Bible women to go along with it.

Topics for writers conferences

  • Waiting For God's Promises (Keynote Address)

    What happens when God births a desire within us, but the time for fulfillment is not for years or even decades later? How do we make the most of our time of waiting? In this keynote presentation, Sharon shares her personal story of waiting 30 years for a syndicated radio show, 28 years for a book contract, and all that God had her doing in the meantime. If you are in a period of waiting, don't despair, God's timing is always better than our timing, and His answered prayers are worth the wait.

  • Mis-en-scene Marketing for Writers

    Mis-en-scene is a film term meaning "everything in the picture." As an award-winning filmmaker of seven feature films, Sharon demonstrate how writers can use the film techniques of color, composition, character, cast, and more to help writers focus their marketing to most effectively tell their story.

  • Using Pinterest to Build Your Platform

    Pinterest is so much more than a source for recipes and craft ideas. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that can help establish you as an expert in your field. Learn how to use Pinterest to attract a following and draw new readers to your website.

  • Write for Radio

    Looking for a way to expand your reach? Learn how to turn your book, blog, or podcast into a short feature for radio. Discover a new audience with listeners around the world eager to hear what you have to share.

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Thank you so much for your interest in booking me as a Christian women’s speaker for your next women’s conference, prayer retreat, or community event. 

I’m based out of Nashville, Tennessee and love traveling throughout the southeast and midwest. Whatever your budget, let’s work to make it happen

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