I’ve been speaking to audiences for much of my life.
* As a young woman I taught charm classes and dating workshops for teen girls.
* As a homeschooling mom I taught history and drama to homeschoolers.
* As a filmmaker I taught screenwriting, filmmaking, and storytelling.

But it wasn’t until I discovered Bible woman and started telling their stories that I truly found my voice. I fell in love with the Bible and the stories within its pages. Now I can’t stop talking about all the amazing women of the Bible and how much we have in common with them! I’d love to share them with you as well.

Perhaps you’re like I used to be. You’ve read the Bible plenty. You’re pretty familiar with it. You think you know most of the stories. But it’s never really come to life for you. If so, I would love to come share with you and your group of women. You pick a topic you’re dealing with, and I can tell you about a Bible woman (or two) who dealt with the same thing. What a relief it is to discover that all that we’re going through is nothing new, and that God blessed us with all these stories to guide us on our journey.

Whatever the theme of your next retreat or conference, there’s a woman in the Bible whose story goes along with that theme. I LOVE sharing the ancient stories of Bible women and bringing them to life with applications for modern women. Whether it’s one short session or an entire weekend, I can encourage your ladies with powerful stories and truths as we pour through the pages of the Bible, reviewing familiar stories or discovering new women.

Thank you so much for your interest in booking me as a speaker for your next women’s conference, prayer retreat, or community event. Check out my list of Speaking Topics to find the best choice for your event.

I’m based out of Nashville, Tennessee and love traveling throughout the southeast and midwest, but I’m open to the rest of the country as well. Whatever your budget, let’s work to make it happen.


It’s hard to pray if we don’t know who we’re praying to. In order to become women of prayer, we must first understand the character of God.

In this presentation I bring to life the stories of praying women in the Bible and discover what their story says about God’s character. 
* How to rejoice in hope like Miriam
* How to be patient in tribulation like Hannah
* How to be constant in prayer like Huldah
* How to be persistent in our pleas like the Canaanite woman
* How to fall in love with our Savior

As young girls we all dreamed of being a princess. Even today we watch Hallmark movies and read romance novels, wishing we could have the happy ever after.

In this session about princesses and queens in the Bible, I help your group:
* Realize that we all have struggles, even princesses.
* Understand that God can take even the worst
situation and use it for His glory.
* Discover how to make the most of the life that God
has given us.

Do you ever feel like a sensible loafer in a high heeled world? Do you long to wear strappy sandals but God has called you to tennis shoe tasks?

In this session about three unnamed Bible women, I help your group:
* Discover the joy that comes from finding God’s will
for our lives.
* Find comfort in wearing shoes that fit.
* Get excited about serving God in unexpected ways.

We often find ourselves in hopeless situations, wondering if God sees us and if He cares about what’s going on. He does.

In this session about women in the Bible who found God’s compassion and new hope, I help your group:
* Connect with Bible women like themselves who felt
* Find hope that God sees them and cares about what
they’re going through.
* Turn to God in their time of trouble, encouraged that
He hears their prayers and cares about them.

Do you feel God calling you to great things, yet you wonder how God could possibly use you with the meager gifts you have to offer Him?

In this session about mighty women in the Bible, I help your group:
* Discover women in the Bible who found themselves
in the right place at the right time.
* Feel encouraged to continue serving in little ways so
that they’re ready if He calls them to undertake
grand efforts.
* Find courage as they’re reminded of God’s amazing
power and strength.

Looking for a session tailor made for your group?

Whatever your theme, whatever your group is dealing with, there’s a Bible woman who had the same issues. I love the challenge of creating original sessions based on Bible women.

Love Sharon’s topical study on Women of the Bible. There is a lesson to learn or a principle to apply with every sweet biography, great or small. And Sharon’s passion for helping women know their God more deeply is evident as she uncovers the divine details of the lives of these great Biblical females .

Jacque F.