• Wisdom From Elizabeth in the Bible

    Wisdom From Elizabeth in the Bible

    Elizabeth in the Bible was the godly wife of Zechariah and the mother of John the Baptist as well as a cousin of Mary. Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah mother of John the Baptist, and cousin of Mary, had every reason to feel like the best years of her life were long gone, but God, in… Read more

  • Shunammite Woman and Elisha

    Shunammite Woman and Elisha

    The Shunammite woman was an unnamed wealthy woman from the land of Shunam. She provided lodging for Elisha. Would you call yourself an emotional individual? How do you respond when tragedy hits? Can you handle yourself during a crisis or do you break down into hysterics? The Shunammite woman was a take charge woman of… Read more

  • Hannah’s Prayer For a Child

    Hannah’s Prayer For a Child

    Hannah prayed not just for a son, but for a redeemer for Israel. God blessed her with Samuel then other sons and daughters. When you pray, how do you pray? What do you pray for? Do you ever wonder if you’re doing it right? Do you wonder if there’s a better way to pray? Hannah’s… Read more

  • Samson’s Mother | Manoah’s Wife

    Samson’s Mother | Manoah’s Wife

    Samson’s mother, unnamed wife of Manoah, was minding her own business when an angel told her she would have a son. Did you have many parenting theories back before you had children? Did you actually apply those practices once you had kids or did you scratch it all and parent by the seat of your… Read more

  • Rachel: Sister Bride

    Rachel: Sister Bride

    Jacob loved Rachel, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted a son. When she had a son, she wanted another. When we first meet Rachel in the Bible, she’s a lovely young shepherdess taking care of her father’s sheep. Jacob is immediately smitten with her. He kisses her and weeps for joy. It’s love at first… Read more

  • Rebekah in the Bible: Learning From Her Mistakes

    Rebekah in the Bible: Learning From Her Mistakes

    Who was Rebekah in the Bble? She was Isaac’s wife and Jacob and Esau’s mother. Have you ever made a poor decision, thinking you were doing the right thing? Perhaps you convinced yourself you were doing it out of love. Or maybe you reasoned the end justified the means. Whatever the reason behind the decision,… Read more

  • The Encouraging Story of Sarah in the Bible

    The Encouraging Story of Sarah in the Bible

    Most women in the Bible have only a few verses, but thirteen chapters mention Sarah and her role as Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. Are you a planner? Do you wake up each morning, making a list of all that you hope to accomplish that day? What about for the upcoming week? Year? Decade? Do… Read more