• Amos and the Women of Samaria

    Amos and the Women of Samaria

    The Old Testament prophets told it like it was. In Amos 4 the prophet Amos addresses the women of Samaria. “Hear this word, you cows of Bashan,     who are on the mountain of Samaria, who oppress the poor, who crush the needy,     who say to your husbands, ‘Bring, that we may… Read more

  • Women as Snares and Nets

    Women as Snares and Nets

    In Ecclesiastes 7:26 we find a symbolic group of women who are referred to as snares and nets to unsuspecting men. “And I find more bitter than death The woman whose heart is snares and nets, Whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God shall escape from her, But the sinner shall be trapped by… Read more

  • Naamah in the Bible

    Naamah in the Bible

    King Rehoboam was the son of Solomon and Naamah. Naamah was one of Solomon’s many wives who drew him away from the true God and led him to evil idol worship.  1 Kings 14:21-22 let’s us know that not only did Naamah influence Solomon, but their son Rehoboam as well.  2 Chronicles 12:13-14 reiterates that… Read more

  • Wives of Solomon

    Wives of Solomon

    Solomon’s wealth and wisdom were unsurpassed. He had everything he could possibly desire, yet it wasn’t enough. He wanted more.  In addition to the daughter of Pharaoh, he married Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, Sidonian, and Hittite women, women from lands where the Israelites were forbidden to intermarry because of their pagan worship. Since these women were… Read more

  • Wicked Women: Lot’s Wife and Daughters

    Wicked Women: Lot’s Wife and Daughters

    How often do we see in the Bible examples of godly individuals who married outside their faith and got caught up in the pagan lifestyle? In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Lot’s wife and daughters. Though the Bible tells us Lot was a righteous man, it doesn’t appear he passed along… Read more

  • Wicked Women: Potiphar’s Wife

    Wicked Women: Potiphar’s Wife

    Last week we looked at a unnamed pagan woman attracted to a man of God. This week we look at Potiphar’s wife, another unnamed pagan woman attracted to a man of God, only this woman was already married to the godly man’s boss. Listen on Your Favorite Podcast Platform: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Castbox, Podchaser, Player FM The Story… Read more

  • Wicked Women: Samson’s Wife

    Wicked Women: Samson’s Wife

    After a month of Bible stories of love and romance, we jump ship and go in the opposite direction. During March we’ll look at Wicked Women in the Bible, starting off with Samson’s wife. The Story of Samson’s Wife When we hear Samson’s wife, we automatically think Delilah. In fact, however, Samson was married long… Read more

  • Herodias: The Woman Who Murdered John the Baptist

    Herodias: The Woman Who Murdered John the Baptist

    Herodias hated John the Baptist for speaking out against her sin, so she arranged for his murder. We’ve had several months of feel-good stories, of women in desperate situations who were redeemed by the love and mercy of Jesus. Today’s story is not so pretty. We look at Herodias, a vile woman consumed with power… Read more

  • Athaliah: A Truly Evil Woman

    Athaliah: A Truly Evil Woman

    Athaliah, daughter of Jezebel and mother of King Ahaziah, was even more wicked than her mother. How far would you go to get your way? What if your children or grandchildren were keeping you from achieving your dream? Would you be willing to murder them? I hope not. I usually try to find some connection… Read more