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Dear Friend, I’m so glad you stopped by today. I’m not sure what drew you here, but I hope that you find what you’re looking for.

Are you wanting to grow in your spiritual walk? Me too! I’m always striving to grow closer and learn more about our precious Lord and Savior. In my podcast All God’s Women, I take you on a journey through the Bible one woman at a time. I have learned so much about these women and I’m always amazed at how much I have in common with these ancient women who lived so long ago. Whatever you’re going through, the Bible has a story of another woman who has gone through the same thing. How amazing is that? You can start at the beginning and listen to each episode, or you can search for women like you. My personal favorites are the obscure, often unnamed women whose stories God highlighted in just a verse or two. You wouldn’t believe how much you can learn from just one verse, taken in context, in the Bible.

Are you seeking a speaker for your upcoming women’s event? If so, I’d love to be considered. I’m a storyteller and would love to tailor a presentation specific to your group based on the life of one or more women in the Bible. You tell me what your theme is or what your group is going through, and I’ll find you a Bible woman who went through the same type situation.

Perhaps you’re looking for entertainment. If so, check out my films page. I spent almost a decade producing faith-based feature films with my husband. We’ve got drama, comedy, and romance. We’ve even got two silent films. Most are available for online streaming, so check them out and let me know what you think.

All God’s Women Podcast

As host of All God’s Women podcast, I love taking women on a journey through the Bible focusing our attention on all the women in the Bible. We talk about women you’ve heard of all your life and women you’ve never heard of. Each has a story to tell, and I love sharing them. Together we discover life lessons we can take away from each of these ancient women and apply them to our modern day lives.Join me each week for the latest episode of All God’s Women.

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