What about the women?

It’s a question I’ve asked most of my life. Growing up I read books by female authors, listened to women speakers, and studied women in history. Learning about men was fine, but my passion was discovering women who embraced their femininity and used it to change their world.

When my husband and I began making movies, I quickly discovered that the film industry was very much a male dominated industry. Not only were men making the movies, but they were casting men in the lead roles, and targeting male audiences with masculine stories. So I returned to my question. What about the women?

As a filmmaker I write stories about strong women. I cast women in lead roles. And I target female audiences. I embrace my femininity and tell stories about women who change their world.

As a blogger I cover the film world from a female perspective. I review movies that women can enjoy. I interview film industry individuals with a focus on women in film. I love spreading the word about screenwriters, filmmakers, actresses, and other women who are making a difference via film.

As a speaker my passion is to teach women and show them how to change their world.  I’d love to come to your next event and answer the question, What about the women? Women are doing amazing things. Let me tell you about some of them!

Sharon (4)