In 1979 I was chosen to preside at an Acteens Cometogether. I was a high school freshman, and my job was to introduce the speakers for one of the sessions. I stepped onto the tiny stage, walked up to the podium, and looked around at the crowd of girls and women in the audience. I knew in that moment that I was where I was meant to be and that someday I wouldn’t just be introducing speakers. I would be the speaker.

As a motivated overachiever, I was ready to part the Red Sea and head on over to the Promised Land, but God had a different journey for me including children’s ministry, homeschooling, and a decade of movie making with my husband. As indie filmmakers we produced seven feature films which have been screened in theaters, churches, and festivals around the world. They’ve gone places I’ll never go, reached people I’ll never meet, and impacted lives in ways I’ll never know. I’m thankful for the experiences we garnered during that time, but I’m even more thankful that last year when we released Summer of ’67, God finally said, “It’s time. You’ve been faithful to serve when I called, and now you can serve in the way your heart has yearned for all these years.”

I prayed that when our time in the film world ended that God would provide a new area of service for me. He answered by opening the door for me to take over as Women’s Ministry Director at our local church as well as by providing opportunities for me to speak to groups of women. I love how God took my film experience and used it as an opening for me to speak at film events and writers conferences. Now, He’s using my film background as a platform to open up even more doors for me to speak in ministry settings. I especially appreciate the opportunities to speak on a subject that I feel passionate about – PRAYER! During my years of wandering around in the wilderness, I’ve spent many an hour in conversation with God. Now I’m excited to be sharing my passion for prayer and passing along prayer testimonies with other women.

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I tell stories from a female perspective striving to impact lives through the power of film. Each of these stories embraces the challenges and struggles faced in the daily life of Christian woman.

Sharon is a wonderful speaker and writer. She has great command of the Bible and draws upon her belief in it and Christ in her speaking and writing.

Marcia L.
Young filmmakers Colt and Crimson Rose Sugg at Summer of '67 red carpet premiere

Ms. Sharon Wilharm is an inspiring woman who shines God’s love! I absolutely love what she shared, it was founded in truth and very encouraging!

Crimson Rose Sugg – Filmmaker

Our church was so thrilled for Sharon & Fred Wilharm to come and speak, as well as show their latest film, Summer of ’67. Not only was her story moving, we were so grateful the way the film raised conversation and brought people of all ages together. We were brought to both tears and laughter, and I hope we can have them back sometime!

Meghan Weyerbacher – Author of Organic Love

Sharon is hilarious! She shares from the heart her life experiences, all the while leading you back to Christ. She is very relatable, and easy to connect with. I loved hearing her stories about hurricanes , growing up and her life adventures. She’s experienced a lot and she shares it with humor. I always look forward to hearing her speak!

Kim A.

Sharon is so encouraging. As she presented her amazing life story, her words were stirring and uplifting. How God’s plan prevailed, unfolding in her life story, was presented as comfortably as “the girl next door”—but what an awesome neighbor! Sharon’s easy and comfortable style in communicating with an audience, made an entertaining informative session. And her beauty shines like Light from within.

Pamela Randolph – Christian Women in Media

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