• Old Testament Laws Concerning Women

    Old Testament Laws Concerning Women

    The book of Deuteronomy provides a review of the laws of God, given to the Hebrews prior to their entering the Promised Land. It’s important for us to understand that these laws were written for a fallen people, so many are dealing with situations that are less than ideal. In Deuteronomy 21-22 we find several… Read more

  • The Wives of Dathan and Abiram

    The Wives of Dathan and Abiram

    Moses had his hands full with people questioning his authority and presuming themselves to be superior. In Numbers 16 he’s approached by Korah, a Levite, and Dathan and Abiram, Reubenites. They brought alongside them in their rebellion two hundred and fifty leaders of the congregation. In Numbers 16:3, the rebellious crowd said to Moses and… Read more

  • Unfaithful Wives and Their Consequences

    Unfaithful Wives and Their Consequences

    The books of Leviticus and Numbers are not exactly light reading. They’re full of laws and punishments, many of which are hard for us to understand. It’s easy to gloss over the difficult Scripture and focus on the feel-good stories, but if we do that, we miss out on the full message of God. Numbers… Read more

  • Laws for Daughters of Priests

    Laws for Daughters of Priests

    In Leviticus chapters 18-20 Moses goes into explicit detail on laws of morality and purity. He also makes clear the severe penalties for breaking these laws. It’s interesting reading, but I’ll let you read it for yourself. Continuing on in chapter 21, we find the regulations for priests and their families. The first command is… Read more

  • Women and Childbirth in Leviticus

    Women and Childbirth in Leviticus

    The book of Leviticus is a rulebook to guide the people of God in their daily lives. God spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai, and Moses presented the laws to the people. Many of these laws were more geared for the men, but some were for the women. Leviticus 12 is dedicated to women following… Read more

  • Serving Women in the Tabernacle

    Serving Women in the Tabernacle

    The book of Exodus goes into great detail of the crafting of the Tabernacle of the Lord. It explains the materials used and the manner in which item was created. Chapters 36 through 39 provide an amazing glimpse into the resources, skills, and technology of the people of their time. Chapter 38 focuses on the… Read more

  • Gifted Artisans Who Spun Yarn

    Gifted Artisans Who Spun Yarn

    As the Hebrew people prepared to build the Lord’s tabernacle, Moses first asked everyone to make their donations. Then he gave instructions for gifted artisans to make all that the Lord commanded. In Exodus 35:11-19 Moses listed everything the artisans would be making. This included all the details of the tabernacle tent, tables, doors, coverings,… Read more

  • Willing-Hearted Women Who Gave Offerings

    Willing-Hearted Women Who Gave Offerings

    God gave specific instructions for the Israelites to build a tabernacle. In Exodus 35:5 Moses said for all who were willing-hearted to bring an offering to the Lord. Both men and women were to bring gold, silver, and bronze, blue, purple and scarlet thread, fine linen, goats’ hair, ram skins dyed red, badger skins, acacia… Read more

  • Orphans and Widows

    Orphans and Widows

    Though Old Testament society did not value orphans or widows, God made sure that they were taken care of. The Bible is filled with instructions to ensure the protection for orphans and widows and to provide provision for their needs. After God gave Moses the ten basic commandments, he went on to deliver laws concerning… Read more

  • Pharaoh’s Daughter, Stepmother of Moses

    Pharaoh’s Daughter, Stepmother of Moses

    The Bible gives us little information about Pharaoh’s daughter, but it does give us insight into the life she lived. We know that as the daughter of the reigning Pharaoh, she was an Egyptian princess. We also know the kind of man her father was. The Pharaoh was an insecure ruler who feared the Hebrew… Read more

  • Hebrew Women in Egypt

    Hebrew Women in Egypt

    Yesterday we concluded our time in Genesis, and today we move into Exodus. The book opens with a review of how the Hebrews came to Eygpt because of Joseph. It started with Joseph’s brothers and their families, but after their deaths, their descendants multiplied. Exodus 1:7 tells us, “But the people of Israel were fruitful… Read more

  • Judah’s Wife

    Judah’s Wife

    Soon after Judah and his brothers sold Joseph into slavery, Judah left home and visited Hirah, an Adullamite. While there, Judah met a Canaanite woman, the daughter of Shua, and he married her. The Bible gives us no details about the daughter of Shua other than she was a Canaanite, so Judah should not have… Read more

  • Daughters of Men

    Daughters of Men

    As the population of the world increased, mankind wandered further and further away from the Lord. Genesis 6:2 tells us, “the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.” Verse 4 explains that when the sons of God married daughters… Read more

  • Enoch’s Wife and Her Husband’s Disappearance

    Enoch’s Wife and Her Husband’s Disappearance

    Enoch’s wife was one of a number of unnamed women married to godly men. Lamech was the seventh generation from Adam on Cain’s side. On Seth’s side, Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. Lamech, a polygamist and murderer, showed the deterioration of morals in the ungodly line. Enoch, on the other hand, was so… Read more

  • Cain’s Wife

    Cain’s Wife

    In a fit of jealous rage, Cain killed his brother. When confronted by God, he tried to deny it. When cursed by God, he complained that the punishment of being a fugitive and a vagabond was too great. So God placed a mark on Cain to warn others not to kill him. We’re told in… Read more

  • Wicked Women: Samson’s Wife

    Wicked Women: Samson’s Wife

    After a month of Bible stories of love and romance, we jump ship and go in the opposite direction. During March we’ll look at Wicked Women in the Bible, starting off with Samson’s wife. The Story of Samson’s Wife When we hear Samson’s wife, we automatically think Delilah. In fact, however, Samson was married long… Read more

  • Idle Widows and Paul

    Idle Widows and Paul

    In 1 Timothy 5 Paul offers advice to idle widows as well as addressing the church’s responsibility to widows. Last week we looked at Paul’s advice for women professing godliness. This week we continue with Paul’s teaching for widows, addressing not just the church’s responsibility for widows but advice for the widows themselves. Like last… Read more

  • Women Professing Godliness

    Women Professing Godliness

    As we wind down our journey through the Bible, we have just a few more groups of women to look at. In today’s episode of All God’s Women, we look at Paul’s advice for women who profess godliness. Backstory I used to think Paul had something against women because of all the rules he had.… Read more

  • The 4 Daughters of Philip and the Wives of Tyre

    The 4 Daughters of Philip and the Wives of Tyre

    The daughters of Philip were prophetesses mentioned in Acts 21. I’ve got to be honest, although I’m loving learning more about the women in Acts, it’s hard covering them because Luke doesn’t provide us with a lot of details. In fact, many of the women are merely mentioned by name or by a single sentence… Read more

  • Fortune-telling Damsel

    Fortune-telling Damsel

    In Acts 16 Paul met a fortune-telling damsel taunting him as we passed by her each day. Whenever we look at Bible women, I try to tell the story from her perspective, putting us in her place. In this week’s episode of All God’s Women, I’m doing something different. We’re looking at the Fortune-telling Damsel… Read more

  • Servant Girls of the High Priest

    Servant Girls of the High Priest

    In Matthew 26 we meet a group of servant girls who confronted Peter about Jesus. Every story in the Bible is there for a reason. Every woman included in the Bible serves a purpose. Good or bad, we can learn from them and their interactions with others. Today we look at the servant girls in… Read more