Have you noticed how kind and caring the world has become? Some of the most ungodly individuals are claiming to be the most compassionate, while Christians are portrayed as judgmental and hateful. What does all this mean? 

In today’s episode  we look at one of the most unusual stories in the Bible. We meet the Medium of En Dor, a kind woman engaged in a dangerous profession. From this most unlikely source, we can gain insight as to how we as Christians should be treating those around us. 

Christians should be the kindest, most compassionate individuals on the planet, and yet, so often, that’s not the case. We’re so busy trying to be righteous that we neglect kindness. We’re so consumed with our own rights we forget others have rights, too. We’re so absorbed in judging, we miss the humanity of those we’re judging. 

All around us are souls in need of a Savior. They’re coming to us at all hours of the night. They’re searching for meaning and life. Just as Saul disguised himself, they may disguise their need. 

If they come to us seeking and we dismiss them, they will find comfort elsewhere. Right now the world appears to be offering kindness and compassion. They’re saying the right things. Unfortunately, what they’re offering is but a superficial bandage trying to cover up deep wounds. People need more than surface help, but if that’s what’s being offered, that’s what they’ll take.

Just as Saul found solace in a soothsayer, so will our neighbors and friends find sympathy in the world rather than in the Lord, if we’re not there to lead them on the path that leads to eternal life. 

We’ve got what they’re looking for. We’ve got the answers to their questions, the solutions to their problems. But if we’re hoarding them to ourselves, the world will never know the love and grace that God has to offer them.

Bible Study

Scripture Background

1 Samuel 28

Bible Study Review

  1. Why did Saul seek out the woman of Endor?
  2. Why was the woman fearful of Saul?
  3. What did the woman do when she saw how upset Saul was?

Thoughts to Ponder

  1. Why did the woman scream when she saw Samuel?
  2. Did it help Saul to hear from Samuel?
  3. Why didn’t God answer when Saul called out to him?

Personal Reflection

  1. Where do you go when you’re seeking direction or advice?
  2. When God is silent, what do you do?
  3. How do you respond when people come to you at inconvenient times?
  4. Are you receptive to the these of those around you?

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Sharon Wilharm, is a ministry leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, and female filmmaker whose stories have impacted audiences around the globe. An accomplished storyteller, Sharon draws the audience in with humor, engages them with stories, then ties everything together to bring to light spiritual truths. Her heart’s desire is to encourage women in their walk with the Lord, showing them how to find God’s will for their life through prayer and scripture. Sharon has enjoyed a lifelong fascination with women of the Bible and loves applying the biblical stories to modern situations. She especially enjoys delving into lesser known women and discovering encouraging truths for women of today. As host of All God's Women podcast, she's working her way through the Bible one woman at a time, bringing to light the stories of ancient women and applying them to modern day living.

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