Of all the products I review, Bibles are my favorite, especially study Bibles. This latest one, the Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible is one of my new favorite Bibles.

I’ve got to be honest, though. When I first saw the cover, I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t look like anything I’d be interested in, but I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to check out a new Bible, so I said yes. Then when it arrived, I glanced at it unenthusiastically and laid it down on my end table to be forgotten. After staring at it for a couple of weeks, I decided it was time to look it over so that I could write my review.

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I turned to Genesis to the passages about Rebekah since I was working on my Rebekah episode for All God’s Women. As soon as I found the page, I knew this Bible was something special. This is the definition of a study Bible. Unlike many study Bibles where the commentary is written in tiny print you can hardly read or on separate pages from the Bible text covered, Life Essentials has the commentary truly immersed with the text.

Bible scholar and pastor Dr. Gene Getz has defined 1500 principles to live by. This Bible provides the biblical basis for these principles, explaining how the principle is not just found in the highlighted passages, but explaining how it fits in both in the Old and New Testaments. In other words, it puts it into the bigger picture, which I really appreciate. So often I see where authors will pull out a single verse and teach on that lone verse without placing it in context. This is the exact opposite of that.

Life Essentials uses a unique color coding to highlight the passages being focused on with the commentary. An additional feature which most people will find helpful are the QR codes that lead you to 250 hours of free in-depth teaching to accompany the commentary.

Life Essentials is the perfect Bible for anyone wanting to understand better what the Bible says for us today. It provides background information to help us understand the scripture in context, then gives commentary to apply it to today’s living. It would be useful to give to new Christians to help them understand the Bible, but it’s just as useful for seasoned Christians who want to study more in depth.

If you’re wanting to dig deeper in your Bible study, you’re in luck as I have an extra copy to give away. To enter in the drawing, comment below with which book in the Bible you’d like to study more in depth. A winner will be chosen at random on April 27, 2020.

Life Essentials Interactive Bible review

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6 responses to “Life Essentials Interactive Study Bible – Review”

  1. Psalms

  2. I’ve been wanting to study Hebrews a little more in depth. Maybe soon.

  3. Sheila Stevens Avatar

    I’d like to study Ruth.

  4. The Lord knows, I need to study them all! I’d like to read and study the bible in chronological order.

  5. Congratulations, Andrea Fields! You are the winner of the Life Essentials Study Bible!

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