The book of Nehemiah tells a beautiful story of the Israelite people rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. 

The once majestic city of Jerusalem was in ruins. Most of the inhabitants had been taken captive, the wall destroyed in the process, leaving the remaining inhabitants susceptible to further attack. 

Nehemiah, King Artaxerxes’s cupbearer, took on the task of rebuilding the wall. The first two chapters of the book sets the scene. The third chapter lists the workers who did the rebuilding. 

Nehemiah wanted to recognize all the individuals who worked hard to rebuild the wall. He listed names as well as the work that they accomplished. Occasionally, he included names of those who didn’t do their fair share of work. 

Some men hung doors. Some laid beams. They repaired residences, towers, and gates. Priests, laborers, and leaders all worked side by side.  It’s a detailed list of workers and their work, and tucked away in the middle of all the names of working men is Nehemiah 3:12.

“Next to him Shallum the son of Hallohesh, ruler of half the district of Jerusalem, repaired, he and his daughters.”

As ruler, Shallum would have had servants and officials who he could have assigned to do the work. Instead, he did it himself and even involved his daughters. And we can assume the daughters worked willingly as there’s no mention otherwise. 

Though the daughters could have left the building to the men, they chose to  get their hands dirty and help restore Jerusalem to its former glory. 

May we be willing to do whatever we can for the work of our Lord.  

Read about the daughters of Shallum: Nehemiah 3:12

Daughters of Shallum Bible story

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