Ever since I first saw the trailer for I Still Believe, I’ve wanted to see the movie. The timing never worked out when it was screening, so I’ve been waiting for it to get to DVD. Guess what! It’s now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital.

In the event that you’re not familiar with I Still Believe, it is the latest movie by the Erwin brothers, and it’s based on the life of Jeremy Camp and his first wife. I’ve always liked his music but had no clue the story behind it. That’s what this movie is all about.

The Erwins are perhaps the most talented of any of the Christian filmmakers. From October Baby to Mom’s Night Out to I Still Believe and everything in between, they make movies with excellence. Their cinematography is top notch. They have great locations. The actors are all skilled at what they do. And, since many of their movies focus on music, the scores are always beautiful.

I Still Believe inspires audiences to draw near to Jesus.

With that said, I did find the storytelling to be a little off. Scenes jumped and I often had a hard time figuring out how much time had progressed. There were things I couldn’t figure out, like why he rode the bus to college, but when he had to return during Christmas break, he took the family car, which was a pizza delivery vehicle, but then they talked about his dad being a preacher. Maybe I zoned out or something, but I had a hard time with transportation and family details not making sense. It also dragged at times, especially during the many song sequences. I found myself checking my watch often, trying to figure out why it was taking so long to get to the point. Of course, this could have been because I watched it rather late at night.

The actual story itself, the love story between Jeremy and Melissa, though, is so beautiful, and the acting so superb, that you’re willing to overlook the flaws and focus on this young couple trusting God in the face of incomprehensible obstacles. And then the ending. It was the most perfect bow tying ending imaginable. And to think that it’s based on real life, well, it just makes you appreciate the wonders of God and the way He works in our lives.

I Still Believe is a movie that will make you cry as it inspires you to draw near to Jesus.

I Still Believe is available now on Blu Ray, DVD, or digital platforms. You can also register to win a promotion package that includes:

  • FREE digital edition of I STILL BELIEVE
  • Official, commemorative pop socket
  • Official, commemorative wristband
  • Exclusive Q&A with Jeremy Camp (via video)

To register to win, comment below with the name of your favorite Jeremy Camp song. Winner will be chosen at random on May 16.

I received a complimentary screener of this movie. Opinions expressed are my own.

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3 responses to “I Still Believe – Movie Review and Giveaway”

  1. Dead man Walking!

  2. Dwight McCoy Avatar

    My favorite song of his is “There Will Be a Day.” I love his music and have seen him live, but don’t know much of his story so this would be awesome to see the film and learn more about his inspirational story!

    1. Congratulations, Dwight! You’re the winner of the I Still Believe giveaway!

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