You would think considering Isaiah was such a prominent figure in the Bible and the book of Isaiah is one of the longest books in the Bible with 66 chapters, that there would be plenty of coverage of Mrs. Isaiah. In fact, though, she is mentioned only once. 

In Isaiah 8:3 we’re told, “Then I went to the prophetess, and she conceived and bore a son.” That’s it. That’s the only time she’s mentioned. 

Isaiah was a mighty man used by God to prepare the way for the coming Messiah. We know little about his personal life. We know him as a prophet who used beautiful language to warn the Israelites of what was to come. He was a teacher, a disciple, and a counselor. Isaiah was a busy man, dedicated to his work. 

All we know about Isaiah’s wife was that she was a prophetess who bore him two sons, but I think like Mrs. Noah, the fact that little is said about her speaks volumes. Mrs. Isaiah was obviously a spiritually strong woman. 

It would make sense for them to serve together. Perhaps while he was out speaking to the masses, she was quietly ministering and speaking to the women.

It couldn’t have been easy to be married to a prophet who spoke out against his people, warning them of what was to come if they didn’t get their act together. Fortunately, God blessed Isaiah with a woman who understood what he was going through and was there for him when times were tough. 

May we be willing to stand in the shadows supporting our men however we can.

Read about Isaiah’s wife: Isaiah 8:1-4

Isaiah's wife Bible story

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