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Lifemark Movie Review

The Kendrick Brothers’ new movie Lifemark releases this weekend. Since a number of our film friends were involved in the production, I’ve been following Lifemark from the earliest stages and was excited to finally have the opportunity to see the finished project.

Lifemark tells the story of David, an adopted young man who is contacted by his birth mom when he turns eighteen. The movie shares the emotional stories of not only David, but of his adopted and birth parents as well. It’s told in a nonlinear style, switching back and forth from current time to the time of his adoption.

From a filmmakers point of view I found much to appreciate about Lifemark. First, I loved the cinematography. Several times I had to just stop and admire a particular composition, especially the overhead shot when the birth parents were going through letters from prospective parents.

Then, the transformation of Kirk Cameron and Rebecca Rogers Nelson playing both the young and older versions of Jimmy and Susan was incredible. They were each equally convincing as both a young couple and a middle aged couple.

Finally, all the actors were great. There wasn’t a single weak link. Raphael Ruggero pulled off the lead role with authenticity and believability. Justin Sterner provided comic relief. I loved seeing Kathy Peterson as the grandmother. I always wanted to have her in one of our movies, but we never had the right role. This role was perfect for her. And, of course, I was delighted to see Sharonne Lanier’s small but pivotal part.

Lifemark is a movie about adoption. While it addresses abortion, that’s not the focus. The theme of Lifemark is the positive impact adoption can have on all those concerned. Anyone who is adopted, has adopted, is considering adoption, or knows someone who’s adopted should definitely check it out. You’ll find it heartwarming and encouraging.

Lifemark hits theaters Friday, September 9. Get your tickets today!

Lifemark movie review

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Many thanks to WTA Media for providing a complimentary screener. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. I have two adopted children as well as two who are not. One of the adopted ones is the product of a rape. The birth mother choose adoption. Her choice, I support legal abortion 100%. You can’t even be forced to give blood to save a dying person, (even a a baby) because it’s your body, your right to choose. So why should you be forced to remain pregnant against your will, no matter what your reason?

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