How do you respond to authority? Have you ever been asked you to do something that went against what you knew was right? Did you obediently follow? Did you resist? What DID you do?

In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Shiphrah and Puah, two midwives placed in a terrible position by their boss, the pharaoh of Egypt. To disobey his command meant they could be killed. To obey, however, meant they themselves would have to kill. As women positioned in a life and death situation, they chose life, even if it resulted in their own death. 

I’m excited today to introduce a new format to All God’s Women. I’m adding actors to add voice to the scriptures, and I’m bringing in experts, other speakers, authors, and Bible teachers to add their thoughts about each of our Bible women. I think you’ll agree it add a new dimension to our studies. 

We find the story of Shiphrah and Puah in Exodus 1. And the first thing we notice is that they are introduced by name, but the pharaoh, the king of Egypt remains nameless. Which lets us know their importance to the Hebrew people. It’s like they didn’t feel the need to even mention his name because he was merely one of a number of kings set to destroy the Hebrew people. But the midwives, THEY were significant. 

Christian speaker and Bible teacher Kelly Levatino talks about the significance of these two women and what they did.

shiphrah and puah 2

Show Notes

Special Guest – Kelly Levatino

Kelly Levatino is a 36-year-old Jesus follower from Memphis, TN. Her purpose is to motivate women to passionately pursue Jesus for their good and His glory!
Visit Kelly’s website at

Voice Actors – Bridget Dean, Fred Wilharm

Bridget Dean is drama director at Springfield Baptist Church, Springfield, Tennessee.

Fred Wilharm is a film producer known for Summer of ’67, Providence, and The Good Book.

Scripture Background

Exodus 1

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