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Unnamed Women in the Bible

Have you ever wondered why God included the names of so many individuals in the Bible and yet left others anonymous or unnamed? We may never know why He chose not to record the names of these unnamed women in the Bible, but what a blessing it is that He included their stories. May that give you comfort and hope on those days that you feel invisible, wondering if anyone sees you or cares about you.

Gideon's wives

Gideon’s Wives

We first meet Gideon in Judges chapter 6, but it’s not until almost three chapters later when he’s on his deathbed, that we discover Gideon had many wives plus at least one concubine.  Gideon started off a humble man. The … Continue reading Gideon’s Wives

complaining women

Complaining Women

After covering all the laws in Leviticus and Numbers, Moses switches back to stories in Numbers 10. He picks up when the Hebrews left Mount Sinai and explains the procedure for their packing up and traveling. Numbers 11 opens with … Continue reading Complaining Women

Unfaithful wives

Unfaithful Wives

The books of Leviticus and Numbers are not exactly light reading. They’re full of laws and punishments, many of which are hard for us to understand. It’s easy to gloss over the difficult Scripture and focus on the feel-good stories, … Continue reading Unfaithful Wives

Daughters of priests

Daughters of Priests

In Leviticus chapters 18-20 Moses goes into explicit detail on laws of morality and purity. He also makes clear the severe penalties for breaking these laws. It’s interesting reading, but I’ll let you read it for yourself. Continuing on in … Continue reading Daughters of Priests

serving women

Serving Women

The book of Exodus goes into great detail of the crafting of the Tabernacle of the Lord. It explains the materials used and the manner in which item was created. Chapters 36 through 39 provide an amazing glimpse into the … Continue reading Serving Women

Gifted artisans

Gifted Artisans

As the Hebrew people prepared to build the Lord’s tabernacle, Moses first asked everyone to make their donations. Then he gave instructions for gifted artisans to make all that the Lord commanded. In Exodus 35:11-19 Moses listed everything the artisans … Continue reading Gifted Artisans

Orphans and widows

Orphans and Widows

Though Old Testament society did not value orphans or widows, God made sure that they were taken care of. The Bible is filled with instructions to ensure the protection for orphans and widows and to provide provision for their needs. … Continue reading Orphans and Widows

Hebrews escape Egypt

Hebrews Escape Egypt

As God prepared His people to leave Egypt, the plagues grew more severe. Locust, darkness, and finally, death. But in the death, God instituted a new tradition, the Passover. Moses gave the Hebrew people specific instructions in how they were … Continue reading Hebrews Escape Egypt

Daughters of Reuel

Daughters of Reuel

Though Moses was raised as an Egyptian prince, he never forgot his Hebrew heritage. As an adult, Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, and on impulse, he killed the Egyptian and buried his body. But someone witnessed his crime, … Continue reading Daughters of Reuel

Potiphar's wife

Potiphar’s Wife

The Lord blessed Joseph, giving him success in his work. Potiphar saw that all Joseph did prospered, so he put him over his household. Joseph oversaw all that took place within the house and the field. The Bible tells us … Continue reading Potiphar’s Wife

Judah's wife

Judah’s Wife

Soon after Judah and his brothers sold Joseph into slavery, Judah left home and visited Hirah, an Adullamite. While there, Judah met a Canaanite woman, the daughter of Shua, and he married her. The Bible gives us no details about … Continue reading Judah’s Wife

Lot’s Wife

The Bible provides little information about Lot’s wife. The first mention of her is when the angels came to stay at their house in Sodom and in the early morning, they told Lot to take his wife and daughters out … Continue reading Lot’s Wife

Lot's daughters

Lot’s Daughters

The city of Sodom was so bad that God couldn’t find ten righteous individuals in the entire city, and yet, this is where Lot chose to live and raise his two daughters. Lot had originally pitched his tent in the … Continue reading Lot’s Daughters


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