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Job’s Daughters

Job had seven sons and three daughters. His sons and daughters had a close relationship and enjoyed spending time together.

The sons would hold feasts in their respective houses and invite their sisters to come eat and drink with them. Then, once the feast was over, their father would send for them and consecrate them, offering burnt offerings for each of them. For Job wanted to make sure that his children weren’t sinning or cursing God in their hearts.

One day while the sons and daughters were celebrating at the house of the oldest son, Satan sent a great wind to sweep across the wilderness and destroy the house that they were in. The roof and walls collapsed and fell upon the siblings, killing them all.

The Bible tells us Job was blameless and upright. He feared God and shunned evil. He did everything in his power to ensure that his children followed in his footsteps. Nevertheless, God allowed Satan to kill all the sons and daughters in one fell swoop. 

We have no reason to believe that the daughters of Job were living a disobedient life, but we can take note of exactly what the Bible tells us about them. Job 1:4 tells us the sons and daughters spent much time partying. Verse 12, lets us know that the last thing they did was party. 

Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with having fun, wouldn’t you hope that at the end of your days, more could be said about you than just that you feasted and celebrated? May we live with intention, as if each day might be our last.

Read about Job’s daughters in Scripture: Job 1:2-22

Job's daughters Bible story

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