Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

From the moment I met Caroline George, I knew she was destined for greatness. Her dad and I were college friends, and he connected us when she came to Belmont University as a college freshman. At the time, she was already a published author, and when I read her work, I was blown away by her talent. Caroline has this incredible grasp of the English language and can put together words in such a way that they flow from the tongue. Whenever I read her work, I find myself reading sentences aloud just to delight in the way they sound.

Dearest Josephine is the result of many years of prayer and hard work. Thomas Nelson released it last week, and the response to it has been overwhelming. I’m so excited to watch as the rest of the world discovers Caroline and treasures her literary masterpiece.

Dearest Josephine is an innovative approach to storytelling using emails, texts, letters, and writings to intertwine centuries. Set in an English gothic mansion in 1821 and 2021, it pays tribute to the written word and the power it has to connect individuals. It’s a YA romance that ties in the stories of a modern girl and a Victorian young man. It is unlike anything you’ve read. If you’re looking for a read that will keep you captivated through the end, this is it. It’s sophisticated enough to interest both teen and adult readers. It’s clean enough for homeschoolers. The period details makes it perfect for historic fiction fans. And the resplendent prose will be appreciated by anyone who delights in language. Dearest Josephine has a timeless a charm that will keep it on bookshelves for many years.

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