I’ve not been watching many movies recently, but the trailer for God’s Not Dead: We the People caught my attention. Homeschooling, losing rights, court battle… When I got the invitation to review it, I wanted to see how it was handled.

Like the other movies in the God’s Not Dead franchise, this one has the same general storyline with a Christian underdog facing persecution by higher powers. David A.R. White plays the Reverend Dave who is key in helping fight the persecution.

In We the People a social worker decides that a group of homeschooling families from Reverend Dave’s church are not properly educating their children. Unable to fight at a local level, they are invited to speak at a Congressional Hearing in Washington DC where they present their case for the right to homeschool. Additional storylines include a teen romance and continuing stories from previous movies.

While the story was predictable, with everything being tied up with nice red bows at the end, it was an enjoyable watch. What I appreciated the most was the research that went into the writing and the history that was incorporated into the dialogue. As the characters prepared for their case and explored Washington DC, they included tidbits of information about American Government, the Founding Fathers, and historical monuments.

Like the other God’s Not Dead movies, the production quality is high with good acting, cinematography, and music.

While I don’t know that this movie will change anyone’s point of view, it will definitely be appreciated by the homeschool crowd as it affirms what they’re doing. It’s a feel-good movie that will encourage anyone who’s on the fence about homeschooling. It could spark interesting conversation starters for families with teenagers. Most importantly, it’s a movie that can be enjoyed by the entire family without embarrassment.


Get your tickets to see God’s Not Dead: We the People in theaters only October 4,5, and 6.

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2 responses to “God’s Not Dead: We the People – Movie Review”

  1. So excited to see this tomorrow night. Rare date night with hubby.

    Thanks for your recent review of Vindication. I had forgotten about that show. And did not know a second season had come out. I found this second season better than the first.

    Thanks for your reviews!

    Blessings ~ Michele

    For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. Romans 11:29


    1. Michele, yes, Vindication gets better and better! Enjoy God’s Not Dead. It’s a good movie for right now.

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