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Priscilla and Aquila

We’re first introduced to Priscilla and her husband Aquilla in Acts 18. During his second missionary journey Paul came to Corinth and met Priscilla and Aquila. They were Italians who immigrated to Corinth when Claudius commanded all the Jews to leave Rome.

Priscilla and Aquila were tentmakers, as was Paul, so they invited him to stay in their home and work with them while he was in the area. On the weekends he’d teach at the local synagogue where he taught both Jews and Greeks.

After a year and a half in Corinth, Paul continued on with his missionary journey, taking Priscilla and Aquila with him. They sailed for Syria, but when they got to Ephesus, Priscilla and Aquila remained while Paul went on to Caesarea and Antioch. The couple set up shop there and started a home church.

During their time in Ephesus, a gifted orator named Apollos came to town. He was highly educated and trained in the art of speaking. He was passionate about preaching the Word of God, but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him speak, they realized his spiritual education was lacking. 

He knew about Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist, but didn’t know about Jesus beyond that. Priscilla and Aquila invited him to their home where they taught him about Christ more thoroughly. He received their teaching and went on to preach the gospel to many more. 

Though Paul is credited with putting women in their place, in fact, he was quite supportive of women like Priscilla who were strong in their faith and serving the Lord in dynamic ways. He encouraged her to use her giftings to help spread the gospel.

Read about Priscilla: Acts 18

Priscilla and Aquila Bible story

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