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When God sent the storm and Sisera’s chariot got clogged in the mud, Sisera dismounted and ran on foot to get away. He came to the home of Heber and Jael, and since Heber and Jabin the king were allies, Sisera thought nothing of it when Jael invited him into their tent. She offered him milk to drink and promised to watch out for him and hide him from his enemies. 

Sisera, worn out from the battle, and feeling comfortable in Jael’s tent, he quickly fell asleep. But while he slept, Jael grabbed a tent peg and a hammer and drove the peg into his temple, killing him in his sleep.

Right after that, Barak came looking for Sisera, and Jael met him outside, telling him the man he was seeking was inside. He followed her to see Sisera lying dead on the ground. 

Just as Deborah prophesied, a woman defeated the mighty enemy warrior. 

Of all the people to chose as a war hero, God used a foreign woman. We’ll never know what led her to go against her husband and the Canaanites and side with the Israelites, but God used her in a powerful and unexpected way. 

We may feel insignificant and worthless, but God can take our weakness and use it for His glory. 

Read about Jael: Judges 4-5

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