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Just as the daughters of Zelophehad petitioned for women’s property rights, we see in Joshua 15 another daughter who spoke out for her own property inheritance. 

We meet Achsah when Caleb, her father, offered her in marriage to whoever could conquer the city of Debir.  His nephew Othniel took the challenge and succeeded, and was thus rewarded with Achsah as his wife. 

As part of the deal, Caleb gave the young couple the conquered city, but the land he gave them was dry. Achsah saw the need for a water source. As Othniel led Achsah from her father’s house to their new home, she persuaded him to ask her father for the field adjoining their property. Then Joshua 15:18 tells us that Achsah hopped off her donkey, catching Caleb by surprise.

Caleb asked what she wanted, and she told him that since he had blessed them with the land in the South, she also requested he bless them with the springs of water in the adjoining land. He agreed to her request. 

What an interesting story! First, Achsah was used as a prize by her father to encourage bravery among the young men. Since Othniel was Achsah’s cousin, surely they knew each other, and he chose to risk his life in order to receive her as a wife. He showed his strength and courage when he conquered Debir. He went on to become one of Israel’s judges.

Then we see the wisdom and strength in Achsah. She was no trophy wife. She was a woman with the ability to analyze a situation and devise a solution to a potential problem. 

The story of Achsah shows us it’s ok to ask for what we need.

Read about Achsah in Scripture: Joshua 15:15-19, Judges 1:12-15

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