If you’re looking for a Bible for yourself or for a woman in your life, you’re in for a treat! I always enjoy receiving new products to review, but I’ve got to say, when the She Reads Truth Bible arrived in the mail, I could tell, this was going to be more special than my usual fare. Just the weight alone, took me by surprise. This is a substantial book!

She Reads Truth Bible

As I took the Bible out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the appearance. Rather than a flimsy paperback, the She Reads Truth Bible is a quality hardback in a pretty salmon color with gold embossed writing and decoration. It’s pretty and makes me happy just looking at it.

I’ve owned a lot of Bibles in my life. My favorite Bible has been my Children’s Ministry Bible that I bought many years ago when I was teaching children’s church.

She Reads Truth actually has a similar layout and features and has now replaced the Children’s Ministry as my new favorite Bible. It’s designed to enhance your study of the Bible with study guides and devotions just for women. 

Each day has 1-2 chapters as the main reading plus a “Going Deeper” section that includes additional passages from elsewhere in the Bible that go along with the main reading. I’ve found these wonderfully helpful for better understanding.

The Bible also has several devotions a week (I haven’t figured out exactly how they’re set up) that are deeper and more scripture-based then so many devotions. There’s also maps and tables to further your study.

This is a great Bible, and I look forward to many years of exploring the scriptures with it.

She Reads Truth Bible review

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