Saul had two daughters – Merab and Michal. Though they were daughters of the king, princesses in those days were often used as political pawns. Such is the case with Merab and Michal.

In 1 Samuel 18: 17, Saul offered Merab, his oldest daughter, to David if we would fight the Lord’s battles. Saul’s thoughts were that if he put David in the heat of the battles, he would die at the hands of the Philistines. It was Saul’s way of getting rid of David without having blood on his own hands.

David, in his humility, felt unworthy to marry the daughter of the king. He pointed out that he was no one of importance from an unimportant family. Nevertheless, he served as a soldier. But when the time came for the wedding to take place, Saul suddenly gave her to Adriel the Meholathite. 

That’s the last mention of Merab, but we know that she had five sons then died prematurely, leaving Michal to raise her children. Years later, those five sons were killed by the Gibeonites for sins committed by their grandfather Saul. 

Did Merab love David? Did she love Adriel? Was she in love with someone else altogether? We don’t know, but it didn’t matter. Her wishes were of little concern to the men in her life. 

How often do we long for the fairy tale life of a princess without realizing the struggles and situations that come with the royal life? May we appreciate the life that we have, the freedoms that come with that life, and the responsibilities that God has designated just for us. We may not have control over our destiny, but we can always control our response. 

Read about Merab in Scripture: 1 Samuel 18:17-19, 2 Samuel 21:8-9

Merab Bible story for women

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