Arise to Peace is a 72 day devotional book with the theme of peace.

arise to peace

I’ve always enjoyed books that are a compilation of authors. I love to have an overall theme with different voices sharing their perspectives or their stories. Arise to Peace is one of those books, and I’m honored to be one of the contributing writers.

Arise to Peace is a 72 day devotional book with the theme of peace. Each of the devotions is written by a member of AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association). AWSA is a fellowship of over 500 Christian women professional authors, entertainers, publishers and speakers.

Who could have imagined when Julie Coleman began compiling submissions two years ago how extremely relevant the theme of peace would become. But God knew. He knew that by the time the publishing process came to fruition, women would be starving and searching for peace in their lives.

The list of contributors to Arise to Peace is a who’s who of inspiring women. Babbie Mason, Anita Renfroe, Jill Savage, Lucienda Secrest McDowell, and Nan Corbitt Allen just to name a few. Each has a personal story and scriptural tie-in of how God worked to bring peace in their lives. I’m excited to share my story of witnessing God’s peace in the midst of a hurricane.

Arise to Peace would make a great gift for the women in your life. Get your copy today!

Arise to Peace

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2 responses to “Arise to Peace: Daily Devotional”

  1. enjoyed the quick review Sharon. Thanks for sharing this. I want to say something that came to mind as I read through your post today. Might sound rude but i dont’ wish to sugar coat this one. I would like to co-write a devotional book with you. Not exactly a devotional only, but an inspirational book that would impact women if we would like to minister to or both, men and women. Please consider this in prayer and get back to me. I will simply be waiting to hear back from you.

  2. Sophia, awww, that is so sweet! Between my podcast, radio show, blogging, speaking, and ministry, it’s all I can do to keep up with what I’ve got going on, much less work on a book. Maybe someday when things slow down I’ll have time for a book. 🙂

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