If you have young children in your family, chances are, you’re read one of Michelle Medlock Adams’ books. As a bestselling author of over 100 books, she’s best known for her children’s picture books. And just in time for Christmas, is Dachshund Through the Snow, a delightful Christmas story about a tiny little dog.

Dachshund Through the Snow

As you can see, the cover illustration by Ana Sabastian immediately draws your attention. Here’s a Santa story, only Santa is not the main character. The hero of the story is Crosby, a tiny dachshund. In fact, he is so small, the North Pole News did a story about him, calling him the World’s Teeny-weeniest Weiner Dog.

It’s not easy being smaller than everyone else, especially when Crosby dreams of competing in the Arctic Animal Olympics. Unfortunately, he’s too short to even sign up at the registration table. So, discouraged and defeated, he burrows under the snow, digging until he arrives at a cave when Santa and all the reindeer except for Rudolph are stranded. Fortunately, Crosby is able to save the day, burrowing his way to Rudolph and leading him to Santa, thus saving Christmas for all.

It’s a sweet and simple story about appreciating our unique strengths and using them to help others.

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift for little ones, Dachshund Through the Snow is the perfect addition to your Christmas list. It’s sure to become a favorite story that will be read over and over in the years to come.

Michelle Medlock Adams

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