It’s mid October which means Christmas movies are right around the corner. Get a jump start on holiday viewing with Wish For Christmas, being released by Pure Flix November 1.


Wish for Christmas is the story of Anna, a teen girl who is tired of her parents’ strict rules. When they tell her she has to go to Christmas Eve church service instead of the Christmas Ball, she wishes that they didn’t believe in God. And just like that, she gets her wish. What’s unique about this movie is that generally they would go back so that the parents never believed in God, but in this case, they change overnight. Everyone else is the same, just her parents have abandoned their faith. Which makes for an interesting story. As you can imagine, however, Anna realizes the error of her ways and soon wants them back to the way they were.

Wish for Christmas has the look and feel of a Hallmark movie with a strong faith element. It stars Joey Lawrence and Leigh-Allyn Baker as the parents, Anna Fricks as Anna, and Bill Engvall as Santa Claus. Joey, Leigh-Allyn, and Anna each got to play good and bad versions of their characters. I really enjoyed Joey and Leigh-Allyn as the selfish version and Anna as the sweet version. Rounding out the cast, Alexandra Boylan did a wonderful job consistently playing the sweet and funny legal assistant Rebekah.


The movie was filmed in Massachusetts in a charming little town. It definitely made me want to visit there. I also enjoyed the Christmas music.

A fun note for those of you who love to catch continuity issues. In the scene where Rebekah’s daughter paints, watch the transformation of her artwork. 🙂

To learn more about Wish for Christmas, visit the movie Facebook page.


Merry Christmas!

I received a free copy of the movie to review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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3 responses to “Wish For Christmas – Movie Review”

  1. Will this DVD movie be released on the PUREFLIX channel?

    1. Stefne,

      Yes, coming December 2!

      Merry Christmas!

  2. What an insulting premise that you have to believe in god to be a good person. There is no correlation to believing in god and being an ethical, kind, caring person. How judgmental of the writer. I always thought that the term god fearing was sad because fear should have nothing to do with kindness and ethical behavior. Regardless of religion or lack of, neither determines a person’s essence. Very disappointed in this kind of messaging.

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