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Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland – Movie Review

I’ve been following Farmer and the Belle since Jenn Gotzon Chandler first introduced the story idea. From the beginning, I loved the concept. Since then, I’ve followed along the process from the script creation, filming, editing, and now release, and was excited to finally get to watch it this weekend.

Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland is the story of Belle, a famous model and Josh, a farmer. They were pen pals as children, then lost touch over the years. When Belle fears she’s aging out of modeling, she returns to her childhood home where she’s reunited with Josh and meets his young daughter. In the days that follow, sparks fly between Belle and Josh as they work together to save their beloved Santaland festival.

I was impressed with the cinematography of the movie from the opening to the closing credits. The sets, the shots, and the camera work beautifully capture the story. The script itself is well written, especially the dialogue between Belle and Josh. Of course, having Jenn and Jim’s natural chemistry helps, too.

I’ve been blessed to work with Jenn, and I’ve always known she’s a gifted actress, but of all the roles she’s done, this movie best showcases who she is. This is the perfect role for Jenn, showcasing her warm and engaging personality as well as her emotional depth.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the music. Jenn has so many talented friends in the industry, and they all came together to provide a perfect soundtrack for the movie. It’s fun and original without being overpowering like so many movies.

If you’re looking for a Christmas movie to enjoy with the family, check out Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland. You’ll be glad you did. It’s available at Walmart and wherever DVD’s are sold or you can stream via Amazon Prime.

As an added bonus, you can purchase your own charm bracelet, Divine Beauty book, or Beautiful Mabel book.

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