13483139 1132538633435481 6036820082477591494 oChristian comedy is a risky endeavor. So often, the comedy either falls flat, or it leans towards the sacrilegious. Heaven Bound joins the ranks of the select few which are spiritually sound yet wildly hilarious.

Heaven Bound is the story of Ted and Josie, a picture perfect couple. Ted is a successful dog food marketer until his negligence causes him to not only lose his job, but to become the town outcast. In desperation to restore their finances and social standing, Josie concocts a sure-fire plan to steal from her dying boss. The couple is joined in their heist by her fun-loving but deadbeat brother.  Their adventure takes an unexpected twist when Josie’s boss holds the trio captive until they give their lives to Jesus.

It’s a crazy sounding premise, and yet the filmmakers pull it off. It helps that they have an incredibly talented cast. Nancy Stafford, Torry Martin, and Michael Joiner lead the way with hilarious performances, but every cast member pulls off the comedy. I didn’t notice a single weak link.

I’m not a laugh out loud person when watching movies, but I laughed until I couldn’t breathe. And then, I cried. Then I laughed some more.  Everything, from the writing, acting, cinematography, set design, music, everything was done with excellence! is what Christian movies should be like!

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