It’s still October, but Hallmark is already in Christmas mode, and Lifetime kicks off It’s a Wonderful Lifetime this weekend, so it must be that time of year already. Personally, I much prefer to wait until Thanksgiving to start my Christmas movie viewing. However, Christmas Jars hits theaters November 4, and I don’t want you to miss out on this one.

Christmas Jars is the story of Hope Jensen (Jeni Ross), a young woman going through a difficult time. Her mom just died. Her house was broken into. She’s bringing coffee to the newspaper editor instead of writing articles. But then she receives a money-filled jar labeled “Christmas Jar”. As a result, she’s given the opportunity to research who is behind these jars and write a feature article about them. She meets the family behind the jars and gets her coveted feature article, but things don’t turn out exactly how she planned.

Christmas Jars is based on a New York Times bestselling novel by Jason F. Wright. It’s beautifully filmed with perfect casting, gorgeous sets, stunning cinematography, and a story that is heartwarming and sweet. While it’s obviously a Christmas movie, it’s a movie that can be enjoyed year round. I love that it’s not all about the decorations and the tree lighting service and saving the small town (or old inn or whatever else needs to be saved by the heroine who just dropped into town). It’s about family and looking beyond yourself to see other people who are hurting. It’s about sharing love in a selfless manner, expecting nothing in return. It’s a feel-good movie that makes you want to reach out and do something nice for someone else this Christmas season. It’s also a sweet romance.

Christmas Jars is a one-night movie event that provides hope to all as we enter this special season. It will be in theaters Monday, November 4 only.

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2 responses to “Christmas Jars – Movie Reviews”

  1. Kimberly Richardson Avatar
    Kimberly Richardson

    God gifted me with my 1st daughter just before Christmas in 1991. She was 6 months old when she came to me, & her adoption wasn’t final until almost a year later, but what a precious Christmas gift she was. Very thankful & blessed to be her mom.

    1. I love that! Brittany was born the week before Mother’s Day, and my big wish was that I wanted to be a mother by Mother’s Day. Now they’d love to have their baby by Christmas, but her due date isn’t until Jan. 12.

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